Here is To- Buy List From Trabzon: - GeziBilen

Here is To- Buy List From Trabzon:

Here is To- Buy List From Trabzon:

Sürmene Knife

After we walked around Trabzon as the fancy takes us and put the feed bag on; looked in the pink and our lungs were in seventh heaven dur to freash air…

We sipped the best of bright red tea in a thin tea glass, now it's time to go shopping.

 In facr, there are many things you can buy in Trabzon according to your budget, there are delicious flavors which you can even take them home without breaking the cold chain.

Women can buy jewelry or prefer to buy red shawls, but my preference is Sürmene knives, which are the apple of both men and women eyes!

The Secret Is The Fish Oil

Sürmene knife is very sharp. These knives, which are based on completely hand workmanship generally, are produced by using water and fish oil. This ensures the sharpness of the knife.

Hand Workmanship Is Handed Down From One Generation To Another

Speaking of hand workmanship, there are only 15 enterprise producing real Sürmene knives in Trabzon. This craft, handed down from father to son, was performed collectively among the same family members in the old times, but later on it became an occupation that is sustained individually.

This production is a process where all parts of the knife are made by hand craftsmen. Although factories on knife production have recently been established, there are still a few enterprises operating on make to order basis.

Famous For Its Sharpness Across The World

Famous for its sharpness and durability all around the world, Sürmene knife is also a cultural brand.However, the most famous type among these knives is the Sürmene grooved wedge. The handle of this wedge is made of horn. The knife craftsman shapes the heated horn and engraves it with silver. Then he puts on the 22 cm long tip made of forged steel and creates a beautiful knife.

The knife craftsman also makes a sheath for this of which the outer part is made of calf leather and the inner chamber is alder wood. Finally, it becomes ready for introduction to the market.

Does Not Necessarıly Have To Be A Knife!

Many knives are produced in Sürmene, from bread knives to chopping knives, from ornamental knives to fillet knives, from medical knives to pocket knives.

Recommended Shop: Hepsi Sürmeneden

Contact Number: 0 (532) 175 69 61



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