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Must See Destinations in Trabzon

Must See Destinations in Trabzon

Do Not Leave Without Visiting!

Trabzon… The city where Yavuz Sultan Selim served as a Flag Officer and raised Suleyman the Magnificent until he was 15 years old. Ladies and gentlemen, this city, which has natural and historical beauties too numerous to list, has certain destinations that you will regret if you leave the city without seeing them. J Beware! Remember, if you skip even one, you must visit the city again.

The Magnificence At Its Peaks: Sumela Monastery

Sümela Monastery is on the top of the must see destinations in Trabzon, which combines every shade of blue and green in the best way. The place of worship, which has a history dating back to the 4th century BC, is also the number one symbol of the city. The monastery, founded by two priests named Barnabas and Sophranios, who came from Athens, actually started its existence as a rock church and reached the present day with later additions. Included in the UNESCO "World Heritage Site Tentative List", Sümela has all the visual magnificence with its state that is 1150 meters above the valley where it is located.

Address of Sacred Wisdom: Hagia Sophia

No, you did not read it wrong, there is Hagia Sophia here too J The Hagia Sophia Museum in Trabzon is one of the oldest buildings in the city known by the name Hagia Sophia that evolved from Saint Sofia. Hagia Sophia, which has become one of the most important places of worship in the city not only for Christians but also for Muslims in time, has been transformed into a museum as an indication of the testimony it has made in history.

Ataturk Mansion Museum

This place, which is one of the most beautiful examples of Renaissance architectural style, where the headmaster Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk stayed with his wife Latife Hanım, is one of the most important spots in the city that is worth seeing not only for its external appearance but also for its historical importance.

Wanna Take A Selfie With Suleyman The Magnificent?

The House of Suleyman the Magnificent, where Suleyman the Magnificent was born and raised, undoubtedly the most famous sultan of the Ottoman Empire, is not only one of the most popular places in the city, but also stands out for its historical importance and ethnographic interior design. Who wouldn't like to take a selfie with the Ottoman Sultan in the museum where there is also the statue of Suleyman the Magnificent?

A Little Bit of Shopping

Since you have come all the way, you shoud not go back without stopping by at Bedesten (covered Turkish Bbazaar) and buying unique local products. In Bedesten, one of the oldest buildings of the city, countless alternatives from local food and clothing to hand made jewelry await those who love shopping!

Almost As Antique As Sümela(!)

I am talking about the Peristera Monastery. This monastery, which was built on a 250-meter rock in 752 AD, is almost as old as the Sumela Monastery! Although it is not as well preserved as Sümela, this mystical place of worship, where tourists are dying to see, is impressive with its mysterious stance.

Enjoy the view

Enjoy The Scenery

You can feel like Black Sea is under your feet from Boztepe, which provides the most beautiful scenery of the city. Boztepe is a spot, where those who rush to see Trabzon with a bird's eye view, serving both as a observation terrace and a place to find peace.

Even Just The Fresh Air Is Enough!

Demirkapı (Haldizen) Plateau, which is cut out for those who are tired of the noise and chaos of the city, is the most preferred escape point in Trabzon with its unique scenery and 20 kilometers distance to Uzungöl.

A Mystical Journey

Çal Cave is a blessing that those who would like to make a mystical journey seek for a long time! This mysterious place, the second longest cave in the world, is 8 million years old and provides its guests an unforgettable experience. This magnificent beauty, which is a complete visual feast, is also believed to heal asthma and sinusitis patients due to humidity. We would not know the medical part, but Çal Cave, which has no rivals in terms of providing peace, is sure to heal the soul!


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    29.08.2021 21:18

    Trabzon'a 30 km yakınlıkta Cenevizliler'den kalma Araklı'ya bağlı Kalecik'i görmeden öteye geçmeyin. Yeşil ve mavinin enteresan kavuşmasını göreceksiniz

  • 6ePmYC59
    16.08.2022 19:10

    Yarın manastira gitsek ziyaret edebilirmiyiz


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