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History of Trabzon

Let us take a closer look at the history of Trabzon, a city that dates back to the Stone Age.

Black Sea people are reckless. Especially the militancy of the people of Trabzon is legendary. It has blended the city's history dating back to the Stone Age, with its numerous cultural heritage. It is even written in Hittite sources that the first people living in the region were warriors. According to Eusebios, who is regarded as the founder of church history in Christianity, the foundation of the city corresponds to the year 756 BC. This indicates that Trabzon is older than the Eastern Black Sea colonization and even Rome. Xenophon of Athens mentioned the city for the first time in 400 BC. The geopolitical location of the city and the Zigana pass make the city a center where goods produced in Armenia and around Eupharates are traded. In addition to being a trade center, Trabzon became a port city and then fell under the rule of Pontus Emperor Mithridates. After Mithridates lost many wars against Rome, Trabzon became Roman lands as well as Anatolian lands.

About Rome and Byzantium

Since Trabzon did not support Mithridates, it was known as a Roman city. Even Flavius ​​Arrianus, an ancient Roman historian of British origin and Byzantine philosopher, argues that Trabzon is the most magnificent port city in the region where it is located. The city, which fascinates those who see it with its magnificence, was restored by the Roman Emperor Hadrianus. After said restoration, Trabzon becomes much more magnificent. Trabzon, which was plundered by the Goths, was restored to gain its former glory during the reign of Justinian I. afterwards. By the 6th century, the Byzantine city was lost by Arab raids. In 1024, the Komnenos family establishes the Trabzon Empire in the occupation of Istanbul by the Latins and makes it the capital.

Everyone Knows But In Fact No One Knows The Reality: The Empire of Trabzon

Alexios, who is from the Komnenos Dynasty, comes to Trabzon due to the Latin occupation and declares himself Roman Emperor with the support of his aunt Tamar, who is the Georgian Queen. Unable to accept the situation, the Vatican immediately despises the Trabzon Emperor and begins to introduce Alexios as the "Ruler of the Laz". Following this, the emperors of Trabzon gave up the Byzantine Empire coats of arms over time and began to use the single-headed eagle symbol. Throughout its history, the Trabzon Empire carries out a balanced policy with almost everyone in the surrounding regions, including the Genoese, Venetians, Mongols, Ottomans and Turkmen principalities. Trabzon, which became one of the richest cities of its period, was taken over by the Ottoman Empire only six years after the conquest of Istanbul by Fatih Sultan Mehmet.

Trabzon of The Ottoman Period

Ottoman Empire took Trabzon, the pearl of the Black Sea, under its protection in 1461. Immediately after, it is determined as the flag city. Although it is administered independently for a certain period of time, it continued to be governed under the Greek State. The city, where Yavuz Sultan Selim also served as the Flag Officer, is also the place where Suleyman the Magnificent was born and lived until the age of 15. Trabzon, which has never lost its historical and commercial importance as the port city of the Spice Road opening to the West, becomes one of the most important settlements of the Ottoman Empire until the Russian occupation in World War I. The city, which was occupied for six years after the 1918, is within the borders of Republic of Turkey since September 15, 1924.


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