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Architecture In Trabzon

Architecture In Trabzon

Trabzon, which has managed to attract the attention of the whole world throughout its history as a port and commercial city, reflects all these civilization and cultural phases with its beauty in its architecture. The city, which reflects its cultural richness in the buildings, also accomodates the most special and beautiful examples of civil architecture style. How about going into a little more detail? Let us see the characteristics of the structures that attract such attention! Here we go!

Trabzon Castle

The castle, which is subjected to the 'peacock' analogy by the famous historian P. Minas Bijiskyan, impresses not only with its fine embroidery but also with its magnificence. The oldest city wall structure of the castle, which was built over the Byzantine city walls, dates back to 400 BC.

Trabzon Castle, which is among the oldest structures of the city at the same time, provides the most beautiful view of the city, even though it looks crooked as it is built on the rock mass between Zağnos and Tabakhane valleys.

Imaret Aqueduct Brıdge

Imaret Aqueduct Bridge, which is no less than Maglova Aqueduct Bridge constructed by Sinan the Architect in Istanbul with its magnificence, is dated to the 6th century. The aqueduct bridge regained its present form in the 13th century that was built by the Eastern Roman Emperor Justinian I and restorated many times over time. The aqueduct bridge with five cubbyhole is entirely made of cut stone. Keep this between us, but the aqueduct bridge, which is also described as a henchman next to the Trabzon Castle, declares its love to the castle at every sunset ...

Even Civil Architecture Is Full of Fine Craftsmanship

Trabzon and especially Ortahisar, where Suleyman the Magnificent was born, accomodate the most beautiful examples of civil architecture style. Ortahisar, where old Turkish houses stand out, is also known as the place where the Ottomans made their first architectural works after conquering the city. The works, which are generally made using cut stone, are among the most important elements reflecting the wide cultural richness of the region. In short, Ortahisar Houses are among the most touching structures of old Turkish architecture that have survived.

More Than You Can Shake A Stıck At, Not Known Untıl Seen!

Sümela Monastery, Kundupoğlu House, Atatürk Mansion, Girls' Monastery, Hagia Sophia Museum, Vezalon (Yahya) Monastery and many more ...

Trabzon has been shaped over thousands of years with the commercial and cultural wealth of its region. It reflects the same richness to the end in their structures. It reflects the said richness completely in its structures. Trabzon, which provides a visual feast through its buildings, mosques, monasteries and castles that are close with nature as the bark to the tree, obviously will fascinate you like others as well, as it does for thousands of years!



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