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5 Historical Turkish Baths In Trabzon That Will Make You Feel Like A Sultan

Turkish Baths responding to needs such as cleansing, bathing and purification, have become a part of social life and become a place to meet and chat, over the years.

Especially Turkish Baths used to constitute the initial step in the tradition of arranged marriages in some cases where women gather and choose the ideal bride for their son!

Trabzon is a very rich geography in terms of historical artifacts and culture. Baths are still in demand in the province, where such a full culture is still present. Although the the hotels or SPA centers have become popular recently, the pleasure of tahing a bath in those magnificent architectural surrounding is something! Gild the lily and improve your skin quality in these special places that make you feel like a sultan in the Ottoman period! Here are five special historical Turkish Baths in the land where Suleyman the Magnificient was born ... By the way, it is said that Suleyman the Magnificient also took a bath in one of them, for your kind information.

Historical Eight- Pillar Turkish Bath

Being the only Seljuk structure in Trabzon, this bath, where you feel the heat on your skin, is the number one of our great demand list!

Imagine how many people have taken bath in this place where the flow of water has never stopped since the 18th century... Bason and loincloth are also provided here if you wish to take a bath in the oldest Turkish Bath in Trabzon.

Addrese: Pazarkapı, 8 Direkli Hamam Sok. No: 1, 61200, Merkez/Trabzon

Phone: 0462 322 10 12

Historical Square Turkısh Bath

This historical bath serves both men and women. Even the sounds of the clogs you will hear in the Historical Square Bath with an authentic and hygienic environment, where you will enjoy the classical Turkish bath with cleanliness and pleasure, will give you peace of mind.

Address: Mc Donalds Karşısı, Kahramanmaraş Cad., No:3, 61030, Merkez/Trabzon

Phone: 0462 326 71 53

Fatih Turkısh Bath

According to the narratives, this bath, where Fatih Sultan Mehmet bathed, was named after him and is located to the west of Hacı Kasım Mosque. It is acknowledged that the bath was also donated by Fatih Sultan Mehmet. This place, which has undergone many restoration until today, was lastly renovated in 2008.

Address: Cumhuriyet, Muhittin Cami Sok., No:8, 61030, Merkez/Trabzon

Phone: 0462 323 36 88

İskender Paşa Hamamı

Iskender Pasha had this bath constructed himself, which was mentioned in his foundation certificate-charter in 1531. Even though the double Turkish Bath, where men's and women's sections are separate, seems small, it has a really warm and sincere ambiance.

Address: Çarşı, Paşahamam Cad., No: 10, 61200, Merkez/Trabzon

Phone: 0554 117 79 61

Tophane Turkish Bath

It is located to the north of Pazarkapı Mosque. The construction of the building is dated back to 1494 according to the registration receipt. Although the dressing section ​​the bath has failed to stand the test of time, the bath used today extends in the east-west direction.

Address: Tophane Hamam Sok., No: 5, Pazarkapı Mah., 61200, Merkez/Trabzon



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