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Urfa’s Glorious Places

Urfa’s Glorious Places

We have listed the most glorious places to visit while you are in Şanlıurfa; otherwise, you'll regret it. Here you are.


The most glorious address of history is that most of all found out with a digital platform show but has awaited 11 thousand years to be explored: Göbeklitepe. Let's leave aside whether it has some mystical teachings; this place has its name written in the literature as changing world history. You are all invited to the magnificence of Göbeklitepe that you should not come back without visiting, and you will miss all the time.


It is guaranteed that you will set off to a journey to 2000 BC, and you will witness the first university of history, so the centre of science in this settlement. You will be able to observe the architectural structure of Şanlıurfa in ancient times in Harran, and it is one of the must-see destinations of the city.


Another glorious destination of the City of Prophets: Balıklıgöl. It is narrated that Prophet Abraham was thrown to fire, the fire turned into water, and then this lake was formed. I tell you clearly that you would be seeing this city without seeing Balıklıgöl which impresses with its mystical structure and crystal clear water and of which fish are not eaten as considered sacred.

Prophet Ayyub's Quarter

We have not told it as the city of prophets for nothing. Here is one more prophet: Prophet Ayyub's Quarter. They say that Prophet Ayyub welcomed all his suffering with submission in the quarter. He did not even complain about leprosy, and despite all difficulties, he and his wife continued to pray to God they believed in. Upon all these prayers, God offered healing water and purified him from his illness. This water is known as healing water, and people wait for hours to drink just one sip. Maybe you can also recover at this quarter!


Just one phrase can explain this place: Hidden Paradise! Assyrian King Salmanassar III captured Halfeti in 855, and it was the apple of the eye for many civilizations from Assyrians to Arabs, from Byzantines to Mamelukes, from the Ottoman to Turkey. Therefore, it is worth to see for its grace and black rose that can only be grown there!

İnbaşı Caves

Dating back to the Roman times, İnbaşı Caves will astonish you with its beauty and magnificence! The beautiful destination is so appealling to the eye and soul that the visitors do not even wish to leave this place. Don’t regret later not to have seen it.


There are tons of destinations to see in this city. But we have gathered the most glorious ones... Have a nice exploration.


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    Harran halfeti İn Başı Mağaraları


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