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I Am From Urfa All Eternally; I Cannot Give Up The Beauty

I Am From Urfa All Eternally; I Cannot Give Up The Beauty

İbrahim Tatlıses is known for his voice of four octaves and his nickname as “Emperor” of Turkish folk and arabesque music. He is an important name who was born and raised in Şanlıurfa and even gifted a museum to Şanlıurfa.

The Folk singer named as Emperor found the fame while singing in the construction work when a producer from Adana realized him. Tatlıses was born in 1952 in Şanlıurfa as the firstborn of a poor family. Tatlıses, who could not go to a school, was asked this question years later, and he replied "Was there an Oxford in Urfa that I did not go?". Thus, he attracted all the attention to this city.

Although Şanlıurfa has an ancient architecture, cultural richness, values such as commitment to the traditions and customs, unfortunately, a part of the local people live in poverty. However, Tatlıses is one of them whose luck helped him to get a new kind of life.

The singer popularized Urfa culture with the song "Urfalıyan Ezelden, Gönüş Geçmez Güzelden" (I am from Urfa all eternally, I cannot give up the beauty); moreover, he did invest in his homeland. This fame owed the investments to his homeland after earning a fortune after years, and he started by establishing a museum. "I was born in a cave; I am glad I was born there, if I had not been born there, but in a palace, then what would happen? I am proud to have been born in a cave." So, he turned his birth place into a museum, and it was opened in 2011. The artists are depicted in the wax museum while singing or playing some instruments, and the authentic clothes and historical items are exhibited around.

The famous singer is among the leading persons identified with Şanlıurfa. Besides, İbrahim Tatlıses conducted business in the food, construction and cinema sector in addition to his career in music. "Tatlıses Çiğköfte" is one the branch of these businesses, which contributed to the expansion of the çiğ köfte, the symbol of Şanlıurfa, in other regions.

Lastly, the famous singer drew the attention to Göbeklitepe and plans to build a hotel in the region: "I am thinking about a hotel for Göbeklitepe tourism; I want tourist to stay there. Foreign tourists will come most. We do not go and see Balıklıgöl in Urfa, but the foreign tourists wonder about it and come.”

Emperor Tatlıses has released more than 30 albums, performed and directed many movies, and he hosted İbo Show for 19 years. He is a well-known star in Greece and the Middle East in addition to Turkey. We had to mention such an important name, who contributed to the music and culture of Şanlıurfa...

So, here is a song from him:

“Urfalıyam ezelden (I am from Urfa all eternally)

Göynüm geçmez gözelden (I cannot give up the beauty)

Göynümün gözü çıksın (my heart is so much naughty)

Sevmeseydim ezelden…” (wish i didn't love you eternally)



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