The Ones Who Say “I Am From Urfa All Eternally” - GeziBilen

The Ones Who Say “I Am From Urfa All Eternally”

The Ones Who Say “I Am From Urfa All Eternally”

BilenBilir, Şanlıurfa's hot is legendary. And the children grow up in such a hot pepper culture generally have superb voices. So, is only İbrahim Tatlıses from Şanlıurfa? Of course not! There are many artists and professionals from Şanlıurfa, the art capital of the ancient civilizations, as well as a historical richness. We have gathered the most outstanding persons for you.

İbrahim Tatlıses

İbrahim Tatlıses, also known as Emperor! Born in a cave in Şanlıurfa, Tatlıses was found by a producer from Adana while he was singing in the construction site where he worked. Then he captured the hearts and indeed became one of the best Turkish music singers with his voice of 4 octaves.

Müslüm Gürses

With a life featured in the movies and "Father" nicknamed arabesque singer, late Müslüm Gürses is one of the precious names from Şanlıurfa. Despite all the problems in his life, the singer survived and hit the headlines of a period with his music.

İdo Tatlıses

İbrahim Tatlıses' son, İdo Tatlıses has crowned his popularity increasingly with his songs in pop music, and he is one of them whom the Turkish young listen to greatly, value and love much. And yes. He is also from Şanlıurfa.

Ferhat Göçer

For his music love, Ferhat Göçer has quitted the medical practice that he studied for long years and was very successful at. The singer was able to carry out both the medical practice and musical profession in the first ten years of his singing; however, he gets the advantages of recent dedicating himself only to music. Göçer is also a tenor and one of the most listened to names in Turkey. I mean, it is yet another experience to listen to him. We do not say that, some may know (BilenBilir).

Seyyal Taner

Beautiful singer Seyyal Taner is a unique artist who gives a feast to the ears thanks to her wonderful voice. With her place in the memories for her acting talent, Taner is also one of the names followed with great admiration for a generation.



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