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The Secret Paradises of Şanlıurfa

The Secret Paradises of Şanlıurfa

Please get ready to take photos like postcards! Let's have a look at the fascinating natural beauties of Şanlıurfa to explore. So, what awaits us?

Takoran Valley

We had to take you to Takoran Valley to the first place. This valley provides frames with a different beauty all year long, and you won’t get enough of its view. While it offers inner peace to the visitors, it also presents photos promising many likes. Moreover, you will feel like Christopher Columbus while visiting Takoran Valley with many sections to be explored.

Gölpınar Nature Lake

This place is irreplaceable for the ones saying "now for book and food", and I am dead sure as GeziBilen that this park is a fantastic park that you won't want to come back! Gölpınar Nature Park, "the Heart of Şanlıurfa" will have a spot also in your heart.

İnbaşı Caves

Shall we add some Roman magnificence to the creation of mother nature? Now, it is perfect! Hereeee is İnbaşı Caves! (Please imagine an applause effect there) İnbaşı Caves include many large and small cases around Yeniköy Neighbourhood in the southern-west of Atatürk Dam, and the Romans built a watermill next to the caves just for you to see it. So, can you miss such a magnificent beauty?

Fırat River

Bringing life to three countries, Fırat River can do anything to you! This legendary river has been the subject of the stories both with its peaceful and angry character, and it is priceless to walk on the riverside feeling the peace of this unique view! I am telling you, do not miss it or you'll regret it.


Balıklıgöl, which has been told in the stories for thousands of years and of which fish is not eaten considering sacred, is for sure the most important natural beauty of Şanlıurfa. Thousands of tourists come to visit this mystical lake every year, and you need to go, see and listen to what is narrated.

Ayzeliha Lake

This is Şanlıurfa, the city of Prophets, many more things to tell... Here is one more, Aynzeliha Lake. It is told that when Zeliha, the King Nemrut's daughter, found out that Prophet Abraham would be thrown to the fire, she said to her father that "I believe in Abraham's religion". Then she was thrown to the fire just like the Prophet of the religion she believed. It is told that the fire turned into water and filled with fish. Just as in Balıklıgöl, the fish in this lake are not eaten as considered sacred. Aynzeliha Lake, one of the symbols of the purest form of faith, has been telling its story to the visitors for thousands of years.


Şanlıurfa is full of endless natural beauties, and we have picked up the most significant ones. For example, it has seven plains, and Büyükgöl and Küçükgöl formed by the construction of Atatürk Dam... I do not want to bore you by explaining more and refer you to our post “the places to see”. But do not forget, you should get lost in the nature of Şanlıurfa full of such natural beauties and find yourself again.


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    31.03.2023 08:09

    Balıklı Gölde kim fotoğraf çekilmek istemezki.


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