The Healing Power of Turkey: Nevşehir
The Healing Power of Turkey: Nevşehir

The Healing Power of Turkey: Nevşehir

If you are in Nevşehir, a city where health tourism is always alive especially with thermal springs and facilities as well as its historical background and cultural values, it is time you meet these erupting waters.

In this area which is located between two volcanic mountain masses, the Mountains of Erciyes and Hasan, volcanic and tectonic activities increased the number of thermal and mineral springs. I will tell you which springs are located in Nevşehir, rich in thermal water spots, and what diseases these waters treat. If you are ready, let’s begin…

A Sprıng In Every District

Let me tell you in advance that it will be easy to reach the healing waters of Nevşehir because there are thermal springs in almost every district: Mainly Delikli Mineral Water, Akıllı Mineral Water, Çayağıl Mineral Water, Tokurdak Mineral Water, Sarıkaya Mineral Water and Sulusaray Mineral Water. These mineral waters are good for stomach, intestinal, liver and bladder disorders and help digestion.

Now, on to thermal springs…

Which Diseases Are Cured?

Thermal springs are inherently miracle waters… I don’t think there is any disorder they are not good for, but the waters in Nevşehir are rather good for, skin, kidney, heart, psychological and rheumatic conditions. By the way, if we are talking about a real cleanse, experts say that it would require a cure of a few weeks rather than a daily visit.

Door To Healing: Kozaklı Thermal Spring

Kozaklı Spring, among the most important thermal waters not only in Nevşehir but also in entire Turkey, is the most popular spot in here! This place is located km to Kozaklı center and 105 km to Nevşehir, and is a living proof how a small town turned into a heaven for springs.

It is not possible for me to name a certain place in Kozaklı, because almost entire area has become a touristic facility. This town servers with 20 hotels and 7 thousand 700 beds and also embodies other thermal springs that belong to the Municipality of Kozaklı.

Serving For More Than A Century: Bayramhacılı Thermal Spring

Bayramhacı Thermal Spring, located at the border of the cities of Nevşehir and Kayseri is among the most significant thermal springs in Turkey and has been preferred for more than 100 years. Everything you put in the hard water here will be covered with a calcareous shell in a few days. Therefore, it has a bizarre look, ponds, pipes, canals and waterways are all covered in a bone-like texture. This facility has a semi-olympic outdoor swimming pool, an indoor swimming pool, a hamam, a sauna, cabinets only for families, and another swimming pool for women only. I would also like to state that there is a trout breeding facility nearby the village.

Both Thermal and Mineral: Gümüşkent (Salanda) Spring

Gümüşkent Spring which is both thermal and mineral is located to the north of Gümüşkent town of Gülşehir. It may take some effort to reach this spring because the road is rather rough. The water erupts from a pool which is naturally concreted in half. The water which is collected in a second pool is used for watering the garden, it boils by about 1 liter per second and is used in bathing for skin disorders by the local people.

Water At 140°C: Ürgüp Thermal and Mineral Spring

The water temperature is 140°C. It is saline, odorless and still. Water baths are good for skin conditions and the sulphur mud a little beyond the spring has also some benefits.

I am putting an end to my post by briefly introducing you to these thermal and mineral springs, remember, Nevşehir is actually a heaven for springs, enjoy yourself!


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