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What to Buy from Nevşehir?

What to Buy from Nevşehir?

The capital of the grapes, the homeland of craftsmanship! Nevşehir… A dream land where you will want to take everything from local tastes to souvenirs home with you!

I will give you my modest guidance and try to give some tips about shopping, now let me begin my article by mentioning a rare characteristic. This is not a common one, it can even be a rival to the tourism potential of this city. It is even a proof of the amazing natural diversity of our country! Here it goes…


Many visitors raid the popular markets of France to buy some truffles. This popular food gets run out of stocks in minutes. It is of golden value, literally, as it is hard to grow, the market value is about 2 thousand Euros. It is not different in Europe either, it is even sold in auctions. Although it is not exactly known where it grows in our country, Nevşehir is an area where this black gold can be cropped! Yes, the truffle naturally grows in Nevşehir and those who know it buy it in bulks. Truffles are picked in October and November and can be stored throughout the year. Therefore, it is one of the things that you should absolutely purchase from Cappadocia, before all, the truffle, known as black gold, has numerous benefits.

Onyx Objects

The most touristic town in Cappadocia, Uçhisar is famous for its onyx stone. The onyx stone is mined from natural reserves in the area and it reflects the light. There are many shops for onyx products. You can buy various objects made of this stone for yourself and your loved ones here.

Pottery and Çeç Ceramics

The go to spot for shopping in Nevşehir is Avanos. Here, there are many ceramic ateliers and shops for carved handmade products. Avanos gives you the feeling of visiting an exhibition. There are very expensive works besides very economic stuff. You can visit the atelier even if you are not going to buy anything.

Grapes and Varieties

We have told you Nevşehir is famous for its grapes… As it is a heaven for vineyards, there are many alternatives from dried grapes to grape desserts, pastes and syrups. But, the dried grapes are different here! In Nevşehir, the grapes are dried in bunches.

Pumpkin Seeds

Nevşehir is the core of pumpkin seed production in Turkey. Here, the seeds are roasted with milk. This is how it gets its taste. It is also very affordable. You can find it in almost every market and bazaar.

Woven Carpet

In Göreme, you will see many hand woven carpets that will leave you in awe with their delicate designs. These carpets are hand woven and speak to all tastes. In these carpets, there is a hope or a dream in every knot and as they are made of silk, wool and cotton, they are among the most delicate and valuable souvenirs.

Dried Cream

This cream is not like the other ones. We are not sure about how to call it, cream waffles or cream crisps, but it is fun to eat. You can cut it with a knife or break with your hands, eat by dipping in honey or jam. It is produced in the town of Kaymaklı in Derinkuyu district of Nevşehir, where the Kaymaklı Underground City is also located. You can store in the refrigerator for 10-15 days, therefore you can easily take it with you if you are travelling by plane.


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