Things to See in Nevşehir
Things to See in Nevşehir

Things to See in Nevşehir

Take Part in Tales

We hope you enjoy reading our post in which we compile the must see spots in Nevşehir, a legendary city with a magical beauty in its historical richness and nature.

Religion of the Rock City

Every piece of work at the Göreme Open Air Museum, made of hand carved tuff rocks, is actually a part of a monastery complex… When you get through the borders of the city, you already go through a door to a mystical world in front of you. In this museum, you will take steps on the paths of that miraculous world. We strongly believe that this place is the top must see spot in the city and I think you will agree with me when you get to know the Göreme Open Air Museum.

Most Popular Spot in the City

The mansion that goes by the same name of Asmalı Konak, the most popular and most viewed series in the history of Turkish television, still maintains its popularity despite 17 years since the end of the famous TV series. This place welcomes thousands of guests every year not only from within the country but the entire world. Why don’t you take a selfie at Asmalı Konak that is the essential spot of photography lovers with unique scenes it offers in every square meter in every direction you put your camera with an amazing view?

A Scenery Made with Love

You will be wrong if you say “I can do without seeing it” for this sorrowful valley that is named after a fairy tale. The Valley of Lovers is a unique place that will make you feel love to your bones, according to the story, this is the place where two lovers met in eternity and left an incredible scenic view behind them.

Eight Floors Underground

You should be ready to go eight floors deep under the ground. This is a city hand carved into stone downwards into eight floors under the ground. The Derinkuyu Underground City, leaving its guests in awe with its mystical atmosphere and glorious structure, is also one of the oldest settlements in Nevşehir.

Place of a Muslim Scholar

The cradle of civilizations, Nevşehir has played a significant role in two of three divine religions throughout history. It had a great role in the spread of Christianity in Anatolia and raising monks, and it also welcomed a philosopher and a man of religion, Hacı Bektaş-ı Veli who was one of the most important figures in the history of Islam. The city became the homeland of the scholar and his grave since the 13th century. This museum, one of the most important spots for religious tourism in Nevşehir will make an impression on you with the wisdom of mystical teachings as soon as you step inside the courtyard!


  • irembozz
    29.03.2023 08:13

    Asmalı konak olsun Derin kuyu olsun hepsi çok güzel.


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