Cheerful Times at The Turkish Night in Cappadocia
Cheerful Times at The Turkish Night in Cappadocia

Cheerful Times at The Turkish Night in Cappadocia

You will have some amazing time at these nights which are generally organized at places carved in rocks like olds inns or caves in Avanos and Uçhisar! At Turkish Nights, the program starts in the evening and generally lasts for three or four hours, and our culture is introduced in a theatrical manner.

Let’s say you made up your mind and decided to join a Turkish Night and arrive at the place… Whether it is a cave or an inn, you will take a step in a carved stone. Your night will start with food offered in a place where tables are in order next to each other and the middle section is left empty for the shows. When the plates are empty and people start to relax, the Cappadocia Turkish Night will truly begin.

Belly Dance Is Essential

One of the most significant rituals in Turkish culture is to ask for the girl’s hand in marriage for one’s son. In this show, a bride and a groom will take the stage and dance, there are also some drama parts. Belly dance is an essential part of the show. Although it was taken from the Arab culture, Turkish people love watching belly dancing. If there are some people who go with the flow, it is possible to see them shaking on the dance floor. Actually, what makes the show entertaining and puts the audience in a laughing fit is the amateur dancers accompanying the main dancer. J

Turkish Music Appeals To The Ear

You will enjoy listening some Turkish music played in between the shows. You will be amazed to see how time passes when you are accompanying the songs performed live. At the end of the night, there will be a Caucasus dance show.

Make An Early Reservation

Families also attend these nights which are generally dominated by tourists. You can opt for various packages with or without dinner for these nights organized in places of 200 to one thousand people capacity. As there are a limited number of these spaces offering such service, it would be better to make an early reservation.

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