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10 Activities to Do in Nevşehir Filled with Adrenaline and Joy

10 Activities to Do in Nevşehir Filled with Adrenaline and Joy

Nevşehir promises you a holiday filled with excitement, trips, food, adrenaline and discovery and puts you on an unforgettable journey starting with elite times and romantic moments to exciting hours. I cannot praise it enough… Let’s see what I did in Nevşehir and you should absolutely try too.

  1. Don’t you have a selfie yet at the Galeri İkman which is among the most popular selfie spots in the entire world. I think you should have one, people make appointments to take photos here. Seriously! This place is an amazing gallery of ethnic rugs and carpets. Even if you don’t want to take professional photos, you should stop by.
  2.  One of my most interesting experiences here was my journey into the center of earth. There are so many great underground cities that the deepest points are yet to be discovered, I descended into seven floors under the ground but there were more. Amazing humans. Absolutely fantastic!
  3.  Well, of course, the hot balloon tour… I agree that it might cost you a little nowadays but where else can you enjoy such beauty? It is incredible to watch the sun rise in the air like princes and princesses in tales. Men have a point in proposing their partners here.
  4. Come here trekking lovers! How about a tour that you can walk among fruit trees accompanied by the chirping of birds? Both peaceful and unique…
  5. Oh, wait a minute! Stop here. There are cave houses in Uçhisar. These places are in world rankings. Think about it, you spend the night in a cave and wake up and say hello to the day from your room with a valley view. How many times can you wake up in a cave in a lifetime?
  6. Have you ever done pottery or touch the mud? I almost drenched myself in clay… I used to play with mud when I was a kid, I lived the same moment there, but this time, not in such a delicate way… I think I did the most amazing pot in the world. You should try this out in Avanos.
  7. Either I was not satisfied yet or I got dizzy because of fresh air, you can go on an ATV tour here to get some adrenaline. I might have not known what I was doing because of the air, that’s a possibility! Jokes aside, it is a different kind of freedom rolling on your ATV in the muddy waters in Nevşehir. There were also some people riding horses, this is another option... I wish I had done that, now I feel jealous…
  8. Everything is fine but I am also keen on eating… One of those who eat not for surviving but for enjoying. If you think so, you should try the local cuisine here. I have two favorites: the first one is the standardized, daily, cheese bagels. You cannot even imagine, you should taste it! The second one is the testi kebab which is amazing. Yummy :)
  9. You should enjoy Turkish nights in Cappadocia. You may have a different taste in music, there is of course an entire spectrum from jazz to pop, folk to house, but it will be a different experience, believe me!
  10. The last one is the best one. They organize wine tasting here. You should join and visit those vineyards… What makes the popular emir grape wines of Cappadocia different is the tuff soil here. Manufacturing companies around the area organize wine tasting events. It is a very different and inspiring experience!

That’s it for me, now… Enjoy your time here.


  • leylakorkmazz
    05.05.2023 13:48

    Bolon Turu Nevşehir için Her zaman 1. Sıradadır Benim için

  • irembozz
    29.03.2023 08:04

    Nevşehirden Balona binmeden dönülürmü hiç.


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