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Muğla's 3 Popular Healing Thermal Springs

Muğla's 3 Popular Healing Thermal Springs

Waterfalls, lakes, ponds… Do you think the waters of geography with such treasures would not be healing! The healing waters of Muğla are so special and so beautiful ... We list the most popular of these thermal springs which welcome guests from all over the world:

Sultaniye Thermal Spring: Köyceğiz

Sultaniye Thermal Spring and mud baths, which have been used as a hospital in ancient times and for 2 thousand years in Köyceğiz district of Muğla, are in favor with local and foreign tourists!

This is the most popular thermal spring of the city! The thermal spring with two pools as indoor and outdoor is located in touch with lakes and forests. You may hesitate as sulfur smells a little heavy, but you must use it. Do not forget that mud bath will also be very good for your skin!

Dalaman Thermal Spring

Dalaman thermal spring established in an area where the sea and the forest meet offers a thermal holiday accompanied by these beauties. You can go to thermal spring in 15 minutes by local minibuses from Dalaman center.

There is a very developed thermal facility in thermal spring that can be treated under the control of a doctor. Dozens of facilities from hot tub to Turkish bath are available in this region and these features make Dalaman thermal spring the best thermal spring in the region. Thermal waters that are very effective on rheumatism, respiratory tract and gynecological diseases will be a healing source for you.

Girmeler Thermal Spring

It is known that the waters of Girmeler thermal spring, which has a modest facility operated by the mukhtar, are effective on stomach diseases, but it is not limited to this!

The thermal spring that is located in Girmeler Village, formerly known as "Gebeler" on the road to Saklıkent, is colloquially called "spa". Thermal spring is also known as "Pregnant Spa" since it is good for those who cannot be pregnant. According to the rumours, it is said that couples with no children will have children, and those with kidney stone will heal when they enter the natural pool 21 times for seven days as morning, noon and evening.


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