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Notable People From Muğla

Notable People From Muğla

Sir, we have listed well-known names of Muğla, one of the most beautiful cities of the Aegean, for you.

Hande Yener

Hande Yener, who directs Turkish Pop Music and who is the most loved beauty, is from Muğla. Yener, who is described as one of the beautiful people of the Aegean and showing that she is working hard to achieve success in all her works, is one of the favorite vocal artists of Turkish youth.


Keremcem, who is one of the two representatives of 'silky voice’ term recently in Turkey - the other is Yalın- is famous name from Muğla. Keremcem known by his handsomeness as well as his talent, business and geniality is also favorite of young girls in Turkey.

Neriman Uğur

Our successful artist Neriman Uğur, who has always been appreciated and fascinated with her acting in Turkish television and cinema, is one of the kind-hearted people who got her share from Muğla's lands of talent and art.

Turan Özdemir

Turan Özdemir, who is acting out mainly idiomatic characters in Turkish televisions, but a very successful and soft hearted theater artist and to whom sympathetic idioms suit very well, is also from Muğla.

Ozan Dağgez

Fine, agreed. The surname is a little difficult to say, but words fall short to describe his acting talent. Ozan Dağgez, who is one of the names that best suits the screens with his handsomeness, is also one of our notable people from Muğla.

Türkü Turan

Türkü Turan, who has had the ear of Turkish people in a short time with her pure beauty, cherub, sympathetic speech and talented acting and who is actually a sociologist, is one of the distinguished names of Muğla.

Zeynep Çamcı

Our sympathetic actress Zeynep Çamcı, who has acquired a beautiful place for herself from the love in the hearts of the Turkish people with her sweetness in her diction and sincerity in her eyes, is also one of the talented and beautiful names of Muğla.

Yüksel Aksu

Scenarist, director and actor… what else do you expect? Yüksel Aksu considered as one of the most important artist of Turkey is also one who is affected by art and talent flowing fountain of Muğla.


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    Hande Yener Naberr


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