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Muğla From Past to Present

Muğla From Past to Present

It is likely that you may have heard in many places “the history of Muğla dates back to 3400 BC”, its stories and historical information. However, we wanted to collect a general outline away from boring narrations for you.

Muğla is one of the oldest settlements in the Ancient Caria Region. Muğla, which is the first settlement of the Carians described as the indigenous people of Anatolia throughout its history both written and verbal, also hosted Egypt, Assyrians and Scythians after the Carians in the course of time. Then the Medes came to this ancient beautiful land, then the Persians. Then Alexander the Great conquered dazzling lands of Muğla with its magnificent nature.

After Alexander, the Byzantine Empire came here and ruled here until it was divided in 395 AD. It remained within the borders of the Roman Empire after divided into two. Its history is so strong that Muğla has exactly 103 different archaeological sites within its borders.

Why then the Ottoman Empire came to Muğla… It was conquered by the sultan of the time, Yıldırım Beyazıt, in 1391 and after that it became completely Turk. Muğla, which remained under Ottoman patronage for centuries, was developed by Ottoman culture until it was occupied by the Italians on 11 April 1919, in other words, after the First World War. It became a Turkish land again and was liberated from occupation with the War of Independence developed under the leadership of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Thus, Muğla has become a part of indivisible integrity of the Republic of Turkey today.



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