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Natural Beauties of Mardin

Natural Beauties of Mardin

Mardin is crowned with such abundance just like the saying of ‘‘ Whatever you plant, it will grow in these fertile soils’’... Mardin, the capital of Northern Mesopotamia, favored by mother nature, has been one of the most preferred cities since the beginning of human history due to its abundant water resources. Let us take a closer look at what exactly they have. 

Address for cooling: Beyazsu

Beyazsu is considered the address of the unification. Because it connects Midyat and Nusaybin with its appearance like fine cotton but as durable as a rope… With its indigenous trees and lush land, Beyazsu is an oasis resembling Firdevs Gardens and is the most beautiful gift of nature to Mardin!

Healing Air and Beauty!

If you thought we were going to say such sweet words about a place other than the beautiful Zinnar Valley, then you are mistaken. The valley, which is only 4 kilometers away from the city center, is astonishing with its magnificent view especially in the spring months! This valley, where you can walk on a road full of poppies, is healing for the body and the heart due to the clean air and the beauty; it is the most beautiful natural environment of the city.

As If Ying Yang!

Just like Ying-Yang, everything has an opposite in life. Since we mentioned Beyazsu, it would not be right if we do not mention the black one. The next destination Karasu Stream! Located in Mazıdağı, famous for its phosphate, Karasu promises peace to its guests. The place, also known as the "Paradise of Mardin" with its various bird species, endemic plants and lush dense trees, will take away all the troubles you have and clear and refresh your inner self just stream itself. Believe me, you will never regret it.

By Flinging!

Savur Stream is one of the places frequented by the people of Mardin, especially when it is baking hot in summer months. We know for certain that once you visit this place, you would feel like going back again and again due to the refreshing coolness of the water, the relaxing sound and the opportunity to have a picnic around and we recommend this place as one of the must see places and wish you a good rest in advance.


  • boral
    07.10.2022 05:02

    Güzel bir şehir tanitimlarda yogunluk mityat ama asil güzel olan yeri mardin merkez

  • fx8LRByb
    19.05.2023 09:36

    Tarihiyle doğasıyla insanıyla ayrı güzel bir şehir


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