10 Reasons to Go to Mardin
10 Reasons to Go to Mardin

10 Reasons to Go to Mardin

Although spring and autumn are the most popular seasons, you can go to Mardin, a candidate for UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List, during all 12 months and all seasons, with the appearance of a natural open-air museum.

Located at the beginning of the Mesopotamia plain, Mardin is a center of attraction with its history, culture, religion and cuisine, I claim that if this city were in Europe, it would definitely be the most popular city in the world.

After all, I will tell you the reasons I have listed myself for you to definitely visit this place.

Because I have no doubt that you will add new ones when you go and see them! Here are 10 reasons to go to Mardin...

1) While building Mardin, an architecturally unique city, great attention was paid to neighborhood rights, infrastructure was not neglected, and aesthetics were never ignored.

2) Different beliefs and cultures have lived together peacefully in Mardin for centuries. You can see important mosques and madrasas as well as churches and monasteries at many different points of the city.

3) In Mardin, the oldest city of Upper Mesopotamia, settlement started in the 4th millennium BC. It is a mixture of many structures related to Subari, Sumer, Babylon, Mitaniler, Assyrian, Persian, Seleucid, Roman, Byzantine, Umayyad, Abbasi, Seljuk, Artuklu, Karakoyunlu, Akkoyunlu and Ottoman Periods.

4) Its magnificent cuisine, which attracts gourmets like a magnet, awaits you in Mardin. Blending the flavors of many races and civilizations, the flavors of this city are very unique!

5) Mardin is very rich in spices. In addition, it will be a different pleasure and experience to learn the names of new spices in different languages ​​that you will meet for the first time in herbalists.

6) Pigeon means a very important tradition of thousands of years in Mardin. Don't miss this ceremony every morning and afternoon.

7) The daytime plain view (especially in the spring) gives a great feeling. Endless green and fertile plain ...

8) Coppersmiths 'bazaar, jewelers' bazaar, portico bazaar, passages, sabunciers, silversmiths and many mystical products ... Be sure to see the Shahmeran engraved copper products!

9) If you are one of those who like bitter coffee, do not say you like Mirra without drinking it here; I am telling you, please try ...

10) Shines like a bright necklace at night time and offers a breathtaking scenery at day time.


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    20.06.2022 13:27

    Bir acı kahvesi bile yeter. 😋😋


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