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To-Buy List From Mardin

To-Buy List From Mardin

What can we buy from Mardin, which fascinates people with its history and treasures and makes you fall in love with itself through the scenery, to engrave it in our memory and remind us of its elegance whenever we use it? 

Of course, we took beautiful photos that we will remind us its authentic appearance each time we look at, we tasted the unique flavors… It's time for shopping!

Silver Jewerly, Filigree

Filigree is an ornamentation of silver specially processed by craftsmen. This technique is mostly used in the Midyat district of Mardin in our country. Filigree is an art that requires patience and delicacy, which is a complete handwork. The craftsman, who bind and shape two or more thin wires made by processing the silver in the pot, create the work of art with this method. It is up to you to choose the kind of product you would like to have, from necklace to earring, bracelet to nose ring.

Bıttım Soap

Bıttım being in the first place, more than 200 kinds of natural soaps are produced from local plants in Mardin. Bıttım soap, which attracts great attention of the visitors coming to the city, is something else… These soaps, which are even exported by world-famous names, are made by blending wild pistachio (bıttım) oil and terebinth. Soap prevents dandruff, skin rash and hair loss. Bıttım soap is also known as 'Botan soap' in the region since its original homeland is the Mardin Botan region.

Assyrian Wine

The history of Assyrian wines begins with Mesopotamian viticulture. It has been revealed through the remains belonging to 7 thousand years ago that the grapevines known as Vitis Vinifera used in winemaking were grown in the region of Turabdin in the north of Mesopotamia. Assyrians, whose origins date back to 4 thousand BC, have preserved this heritage from the Turabdin region and have made a great contribution to its spread from Anatolia to Greece. 


  • Funda Semerci
    19.08.2021 09:10

    Cesit cesit baharatlar alinmalidir. Suryani coregi hediyelik olarak alinabilir. Mardine ozgu esarplar diger bir hediyelik secenek. Badem sekerleri, dibek kahvesi Mardine ozgu lezzetlerdendir. Suryani nazarligi hem kotuluklerden korumasi adina hem de gorsel olarak islevsel bir urundur mutlaka alinmali


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