Architecture of Mardin
Architecture of Mardin

Architecture of Mardin

Mardin is a city that has been suspended in time by preserving its beauty from ancient times until today…What would you think of taking a look at the beauties of this great city, which is famous for its magnificence and dazzling structures, one by one, which I have chosen specially for you?

The basic material found in the region that constitutes the entire architecture of the city due to its easy processability is yellow limestone. Mardin, the most precious city of Upper Mesopotamia, opens its doors to a joy to behold with its abundant clay and limestone.

Things to Know

Mardin is an ancient and an expressive city, standing out as one of the unique cities not only in Mesopotamia region but also across Turkey and Middle East. In addition to Mardin's unique texture and cultural atmosphere, it should also be mentioned that the city achieved a unique architectural form through its long historical background. The multi-layered architecture of the city, which has been blended with different cultures and various religious beliefs; is one of the most important aspects that should be emphasized especially for tourists planning a tour of Mardin. Accordingly, we will refer to some details about the architectural structure of Mardin and the unique architectural structures in the city for those who plan to make a Mardin tour in the near future.

Blend of Seljuk and Ottoman Architecture

The most magnificent periods of the Great Seljuk Empire included a large area from Khorasan to Mesopotamia, from the Caucasus to Anatolia, from Hejaz to Yemen. Some of the most important works of the Great Seljuk Khaganate, one of the greatest empires in the world, were also located on the Mesopotamian plain. In this context, it is possible to see the aesthetic structures belonging to the Seljuk Empire, the most magnificent world state of the era, in Mardin, the cradle of Mesopotamia.

In addition to all these, the influence of the Great Seljuks in Mardin continued in the Akkoyunlu and Ottoman period afterwards. The unique architectural textures of said world empire enriched with Khorasan and Central Asian motifs; continued to exhibit itself for centuries within the scope of Mardin's historical artifacts. Kasımiye Madrasah, which is one of the most important historical artifacts among all, is a structure belonging to the Artuklu and Akkoyunlu periods, but also contains unprecedented architectural motifs of the Seljuk Period. It should be emphasized that the most beautiful examples of this architectural approach on Anatolian lands brought from Central Asia by Turkish people are located within the borders of Mardin, the cradle of the Mesopotamia Plain.

Structures Enriched with Assyrian Motifs and Religious Symbols 

When Mardin architecture is concerned, another important point to underline is the religious symbols of the city.One of the most important titles among these stands out as the unique and aesthetic temples of the Assyrians in the region. Assyrian monasteries, one of the most popular locations within the scope of the Mardin city tour, are especially important structures both religiously and artistically. In addition to all these, Deyrulzafaran Madrasah, which is one of the most important works of Assyrians in the region, is of great importance due to its ancient history and symbolic value. Also known as the Temple of the Sun in ancient times, this building has preserved itself for hundreds of years and has successfully survived until today through various restorations. In addition to being the religious center of Assyrians, one of the important ethnic and religious groups in the region, Deyrulzafaran Madrasah is still actively used for religious and educational purposes at the present time. Moreover, it is one of the architectural structures with the most important touristic potential in the region.

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