Necklace Like Appearance of Mardin Mesmerizes Voyagers - GeziBilen

Necklace Like Appearance of Mardin Mesmerizes Voyagers

Necklace Like Appearance of Mardin Mesmerizes Voyagers

When Mardin is concerned, the most wondered city of the Southeast, Ulu Mosque as the building block of the region and the craftsmen may flash into your mind, however I will depict its exquisite necklace- like appearance instead.

These lands that witnessed the first civilizations have been doing the honours for different religions for centuries. It is anticipated that the history of Mardin, the oldest city of Upper Mesopotamia, started 3 thousand years ago.

The city, which was under the rule of Assyrians before Christ, hosted many civilizations such as Hittite, Urartu, Persian, Sassanid, Roman Empire. Here, the magnificence of the city is due to the traces left by those civilizations.

Mardin Is Like Stepping Into A Fairy Tale

The architectural technique of ‘’Terracing’’ is dominant in this stone city built on the face of the hill facing the plain. In other words, the houses are so beautiful that the roof of one house serves as the street of the upper one. The courtyards where the best tea and coffee are enjoyed, are always intertwined.

Shines Like A Bright Necklace At Night Time and Offers A Breathtaking Scenery At Day Time 

There is a castle at the top of the city. A wide aureola on the foothill of the castle, exhibits itself like a necklace laid on the elegant neck of the city. Right on that necklace, the Mor Behnam Kirklar Church, the Emineddin Social Complex, Latifiye Mosque, Zinciriye Madrasa, Ulu Mosque, Tellallar Bazaar, Şehidiye Madrasa and Mardin Houses welcome their visitors like an embroidery.

Mosaic of Religions 

In Mardin, you can see those who worship the sun such as Şemsiler, which is a very old sect, or those who worship Tavus-u Azam such as Yezidis; you can listen to the best examples of the Arabic call to prayer and Latin hymns simultaneously. This city, which contains such a cultural mosaic, is actually a symbol for humanity!



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