Konya With Numbers
Konya With Numbers

Konya With Numbers

The surface area of ​​Turkey's largest city, Konya, which is also known as the land of tolerance, is 38,257 km². The city is located at 38 degrees 00 minutes 48 seconds North latitude and 32 degrees 41 minutes 56 seconds East longitude. Located on the Central Anatolian plateau due to its geographical location, Konya hosts a total of 12 lakes within its borders, including Tuz Lake, the second largest lake in Turkey.

Population and Demography

According to the last census conducted in Konya, the population of the city is 2,205,609 people. Of the population, which increased by 25,460 people at a rate of 1.17 percent compared to the previous year, 49.62 percent are men and 50.38 percent are women. Konya is also the 7th most populous city in Turkey in terms of population density.

Konya's Ahırlı, Akören, Akşehir, Altınekin, Beyşehir, Bozkır, Çeltik, Cihanbeyli, Çumra, Derbent, Derebucak, Doğanhisar, Emirgazi, Ereğli, Güneyşığı, Hadim, Halkapınar, Hüyük, Ilgın, Kadınhanı, Karapınar, Karatay, Kulu, Meram It has 31 districts and 205 towns consisting of , Sarayönü, Selçuklu, Seydişehir, Taşkent, Tuzlukçu, Yalıhüyük and Yunak.

Economy and Industry

Konya is known as the heart of Turkey's agricultural production and is referred to as the country's wheat warehouse. There are 1.8 million hectares of arable land in the city. In addition to agriculture, there are 8 organized industrial zones and 2 technoparks in Konya, which shows that the city is an important center in terms of industry and technology.

Education and Culture

Konya also has an important place in the field of education. There are 5 universities in the city: Selçuk University, Necmettin Erbakan University, Konya Technical University, KTO Karatay University and Mevlana University. The student population exceeds 100,000 in total.

Tourism and History

Konya also attracts attention with its historical and cultural riches. Mevlana Museum attracts approximately 2 million visitors every year. The city also has 2 UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Çatalhöyük Neolithic City and Mevlana Tomb.

Museum visit rates are also quite high in Konya, which is the city where religious tourism is most developed in Turkey. According to the figures of Konya Culture and Tourism Directorate, museums in the city hosted 3 million 662 thousand 166 guests in 2019.

Mevlana Museum: The building, which was opened as a museum in 1926, became one of the most visited museums in Turkey in 1927.

Çatalhöyük: Çatalhöyük, one of the oldest settlements in the world, has a history of 9,000 years and was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2012.


Konya has a strategic location in terms of transportation. Konya Airport in the city serves approximately 1 million passengers annually. Konya is also connected to major cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Eskişehir with the high-speed train network. The high-speed train journey between Istanbul and Konya takes approximately 4.5 hours.

Natural beauties

Konya's natural beauties are also very rich. Here are some important natural areas:

Beyşehir Lake: Turkey's largest freshwater lake, Beyşehir Lake is also an important bird breeding area.

Salt Lake: A part of Turkey's second largest lake, Tuz Lake, is located within the borders of Konya.

Suğla Lake and Akşehir Lake: Both lakes have important ecosystems and are of great importance in terms of irrigation and aquaculture.


In the city where the continental climate prevails, summers are hot and dry and winters are cold and snowy. Accordingly, the difference in temperature between day and night in summer varies between 16 and 22 degrees. Snow remaining on the ground for an average of 120 days in winter is an indicator of a cold winter season.

The period with the most rainfall in Konya is May and April. Konya also has a very dry summer season due to the effect of the steppe climate, allowing Turkey's best quality wheat to be grown here.

Konya is one of the important cities of Turkey with its historical, cultural and natural riches. This city, where agriculture, industry and tourism develop together, offers unique experiences to its visitors. Don't forget to add this hidden paradise to your list while making your plans!



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