“Music is the Language of God”
“Music is the Language of God”

“Music is the Language of God”

Şems-i Tebrizi says "There is a secret hidden in the rhythm of music."… The grand master, who says "If I had disclosed it, the world would have been upside down." also refers to the importance of Sufi music.  

Mevlana's word of "Music is the language of God." is a metaphor. In fact, everything is a word of God. Mevlana and his teachings, which even the world closely follows, affect all people today. Sufi music prompted by this great person, who is one of the first names that comes to mind when we say Konya, has a deeper meaning especially in Konya.

What Is Sufi Music?

Religious feelings are performed in Sufi music, which is a music genre suitable for philosophy of Sufism in Islam to remind man of the servitude to God. Under these circumstances, Konya is undoubtedly known as the capital of Sufi music. Rhythm is performed with touch and breath in Sufi music. Mevlevi music is the basis of Sufi music.


Mevlevi ceremonies were composed by composers such as Itri Dede Efendi, Osman Dede, and Ahmet Ağa. Their Works are among the masterpieces of Turkish Sufi music. Mevlevi ceremonies, religious preludes, canticles, poems praising Prophet Muhammad, Works, elegies, Bektashi canticles, pauses and tevşihs constitute the important forms of Sufi music.

Music Instruments Used

Ney: It is used not only in Sufism, but also in classical Turkish music. The sound field of ney, which is a reed with seven holes, six in front and one thumb-hole in the back, is close to three octaves. It is one of the mute woodwind instruments.

Rebab: It is used only in Sufi music. The front is covered in a membrane such as sheepskin. It is played upright, either resting on the lap or on the floor. The sound field is hardly one and a half octaves.

Bendir: It is used only in Sufi music. Its use in non-religious music is a big mistake. It is one of skin percussion instruments.

Kudüm: It consists of a pair of small, hemispherical drums. It is one of skin percussion instruments that give a faint voice.

Nevbe: It is used only in Sufi music. Another name given to Nevbe is tambourine without bell. It is one of skin percussion instruments


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