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Where to Buy Local Delicacies Unique to Konya?

Where to Buy Local Delicacies Unique to Konya?

 We have listed our alternative suggestions in Konya, where there are many options for souvenirs and local delicacy. However, local delicacies predominate for our target. You can see ornaments, tiles and key holders for gifts everywhere. I would like to point out that you can find many of them at Kadınlar Pazarı within walking distance to Mevlana Tomb, and I am passing on to my notes.

Famous Blue Mold Cheese

This taste attracts the most attention in Konya although it is common in Anatolia. Moreover, the people of Konya say “as old as Konya's history, green like the color of the city” for this cheese…

Although it is also colloquially called gök cheese, göğermiş cheese (becoming green) or Konya green cheese, blue mold cheese is a cheese that every person of Konya eats fondly. Blue mold cheese, unlike other cheeses, is wrapped and dried in special goatskins, and consumed after waiting for a reasonable time for molding.

The blue mold cheese that gives flavor to even Konya's savoury pastry filled with cheese is to be taken home… It is possible to buy this taste, which has been added to macaroni and pastries with its aromatic flavor for centuries, from Covered Market where local milk and dairy products are sold.

Traditional Taste Biscuit

The people of Konya made their bread in tandoori at their homes and finally cooked the biscuit and ate it with tea. This taste, which has become a tradition for centuries, is a taste unique to Konya… It is a must for every house that host guests in Konya and it is definitely served with tea to the guests. You can easily buy Konya biscuits in markets or bakeries. 

Konya biscuit, which you cannot get enough of eating with its sesame, poppy seed and butter varieties, is among the most beautiful snacks.

Mevlana Sugar

Mevlana sugar, produced from sugar, water and lemon salt in copper cauldrons at 140 degrees, attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists. Mevlana sugar, which is one of the most well-known tastes following etli ekmek in Konya and name is cheese sugar, is produced approximately 100 tons per day in 70 production facilities.


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