Historical Konya Hamams (Turkish Baths) Now Used in Different Qualities
Historical Konya Hamams (Turkish Baths) Now Used in Different Qualities

Historical Konya Hamams (Turkish Baths) Now Used in Different Qualities

Konya has many large and small “hamams” remaining from Seljuk architecture. There are many alternatives you can go to relax or enjoy yourself. However, I have compiled museum hamams, where cultural and artistic events are held now and you have more touristic trip opportunities, in the lands where such a precious history was born. But at the end of my article, a historical and still in use hamam is waiting for you ;)

Sille Ak Hamam/Museum

It is on the side of Sille Stream. It was built in 1884 according to the inscription on the entrance of the hamam. This historical place, where there are male and female sections, was built by Ali Usta upon the order of Haci Ali Ağa’s children.

The structure was built with rubble stone and brick masonry. The hamam having a symmetrical plan has changing rooms, hot and cold rooms. The square-planned cold room is covered with a pendentive dome with plenty of light. This historic structure is restored and used as an art gallery and museum today.

Address: Sille, 42132 Selçuklu/Konya

Valide Sultan Hamam/Museum

The historical Valide Sultan Hamam, which was built by Hürrem Sultan the wife of Suleiman the Magnificent in the 16th century in the Karapınar district of Konya, was turned into a museum after recovering its idle state. This place now known as Valide Sultan Museum was handed over to Karapınar Municipality after it was restored by the General Directorate of Foundations. Approximately 500 historical artifacts from household goods to agricultural tools of Ottoman Period are exhibited in Valide Sultan Hamam.

Address: Kale, Işık Sok. No: 4, 42400 Karapınar/Konya

Meram Hamam/Restaurant

The garden of this hamam, which has survived from period of principalities, now serves as a restaurant. Meram hamam, which attracts the attention of local and foreign visitors, was built in 1424 during İbrahim II period in 1424. This place built in the name of Hacı Hasbeyoğlu Mehmet is in the style of a double hamam and has a rectangular structure. During your Konya holiday, you can go to this hamam and touch the experiences of the years when it was built.

The hamam consists of cold, warm and hot rooms. The garden of the hamam serves as a restaurant today. The hamam is also called Şifa Sultan.

Address: Şükran, Taşcami Uzunharmanlar Cad., No: 7, 42040 Meram/Konya

Ahmet Efendi Hamam/ Restoration

The Sheikh Ahmet Efendi hamam built in Ottoman Empire period is not open now. The hamam located on the kiblah side of Aziziye Mosque has two gates on the northeast and west sides. A single large dome with six windows on the base covers the top of the window. Decoration protruding from bricks on the dome did not remained until today. The hamam is a masterpiece consistent with Ottoman architecture.

The hamam was built by Muhasib-i Şehriyari Mustafa Pasha between 1672-1676. However, it has been remembered with the name of Sheikh Ahmet so far, as he was appointed as the director of the hamam. This structure, which has a different importance with its "keçelik" part (changing room), is expected to be open next year.

Address: Aziziye Mah., Kethüda Sok., 15 (Aziziye Camii Karşısı) Karatay/Konya

Sultan Hamamı/ Hamam Among Hamams

The mosque, hanigah (hospice) and the tomb of Sahip Ata are next to Sultan hamamı, which is designed in the form of an islamic-ottoman social complex. Sahip Ata Fahreddin, one of the famous viziers of the Seljuks, gave instruction to build this complex that was built in the 1258s. This work, which was architected by Kelük bin Abdullah, reflects beautiful examples of Seljuk stonemasonry. This hamam being in use still continues to host those who want to enjoy.

Address: Şükran, Taşcami Uzunharmanlar Cad., No: 7, 42040 Meram/Konya


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