Notable People From Konya
Notable People From Konya

Notable People From Konya

Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi comes to mind first when we say Konya. This is natural, of course, but so many famous names and artists have got share from the lands of this city… We have compiled it for you, sir here you are.

Ali Kirca

Anyone who did not watch Bizim City is hard to find, isn’t it? Except for our young readers, of course.  Ali Kırca informed us that Bizim City would begin, for which we waited for the news to end as soon as possible without blinking and for that funny joking animation without leaving the television for a moment, and previously reported mind-blowing news with all his professionalism. He is also from Konya.

Zülfü Livaneli

At least one of our friends has quoted from his books, or we could not stand and read the beautiful stories by great author. Yes sir, Zülfü Livaneli is from Konya. Livaneli, who owns 26 books and is one of the great authors of Turkish literature, is also a musician, scenarist and director. What can I tell; I wish I was from Konya, look! the soil smells art!


Here's another artist, we don't say for nothing that Konya's soil smells art. Suavi, who began to sing in 1968 after his love for art predominated although he graduated from ODTU Faculty of Architecture and came in second in White Pigeon Istanbul Competition, is one of the distinguished names from Konya. This artist dealing with music continuously for 35 years is known for composing the poems of many poets from Ahmet Arif to Nazım Hikmet Ran.

Selda Alkor

She is the beauty of Yeşilçam and the mother character of today's Turkish cinema that warms hearts with her smiling face. This unquestionably wonderful actor was born in Konya in 1943 and devoted her life to acting, began her acting life after winning the competition held by Ses magazine in 1965. Alkor, who was granted Golden Orange Lifetime Honorary Award in 2002, was imprinted on the memory of the young generation, especially with the TV series Çemberimde Gül Oya, one of the most watched productions on Turkish television.

Tarik Buğra

Yes, yes, you know, Tarık Buğra is author of Osmancık, thick book given to most of us as homework.  He is also among our artists from Konya. The author, who was born in Konya in 1918 and left numerous works of Turkish literature, also had his name written in letters of gold in literature curriculum of Turkey. We highly recommend it to anyone who does not read, sir, Osmancık is life and loved ones.

Ersay Üner

Ersay Üner, who has become one of the names listened recently in Turkey and who has been mentioned most often with his compositions he gave to Demet Akalın since the beginning of the year 2000, are among the best-loved names from Konya. Üner, who is loved by almost everyone with his composition that is kept on saying especially with his song "Nokta" and who becomes a byword with his modesty, has been continuing his music career with an increasing momentum since 2004.


Notable People are too numerous to be counted, but you can imagine that life is not enough to read. 

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