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Where and What to Eat in Konya?

Where and What to Eat in Konya?

People of Konya generally do not fill up if they do not eat meat in their meals. It is no joke, almost all the people of Konya that I have known until today (although it is open to exceptions) yes, are fond of meat. This is why the most famous dishes are etli ekmek (flat bread baked with ground meat, peppers, onions, and tomatoes), tirit (a traditional rice dish that is made with meat and various vegetables) and okra soup. I say try these three legendary tastes. Because you will notice that you have never actually eaten meat before! You will agree with what I said after you wait for jellifying that meat and see cooking in a few different ways.

Now I will write about where you should taste these three magnificent tastes. Meanwhile, I say taste local delicacies such as çebiç, su böreği (water pastry with feta cheese filling), fırın kebab (oven-cooked meat), sac arası, Mevlana böreği, arabaşı soup, höşmerim dessert, papara (dish of dry bread and broth), kaygana (pancake), sac böreği, dilber dudağı (lip shaped sweet pastry), batırık (burghul salad with walnuts), düğün pilav and etli topalak soup in Konya.

Etli Ekmek (flat bread baked with ground meat, peppers, onions, and tomatoes)

Etli ekmek is one of Konya's first meals that come to mind. Although its name is bread, it fascinates with its thin dough and ground meat blended with various ingredients.

Bolu Lokantası

This is the first place that comes to mind. Do not be confused with the words "Bolu" and "Lokanta" in its name, they have been doing this here since 1964. You must taste savoury pastry filled with three different cheese including Konya blue mould cheese.

Address: Aziziye Cad., No:27/B (Mevlana Cad.) Selçuklu/Konya

Telephone: +90 332 352 4533

Serenade Etliekmek

This place located in the Industrial Zone also hosts many guests from outside, including Konya. Classic Konya etli ekmek and Konya savoury pastry (Mevlana) are very delicious. 

Address: Musalla Bağları, Elmalı Cad., No:254, 42000 Selçuklu/Konya

Telephone: +90 332 235 25 9

Cemo Etliekmek

In this place, which actually makes the best classical etli ekmek; you can also taste okra soup and grilled meats with sacarası dessert.

Address: Medrese Mah., Nalçacı Cad., Karatay Sitesi Altı No: 2/C Selçuklu/Konya 

Telephone: +90 332 235 40 16


Tirit is a traditional dish that is made by soaking toasted bread or stale bread in a broth prepared from offal and its flavor is unique.

Tiritçi Mithat

To go to Mithat, which serves with the logic of a diner, you must take the Street across Karatay District Governorship while going on the road connecting Mevlana Museum and Alaaddin Hill, and then go behind İş Bankası. You may have to wait your turn as it is full at noon.

Address: Aziziye Mah., İstanbul Cad., Yusufağa Sok., No: 21/A, 42030 Karatay/Konya

Telephone: +90 332 350 72 98

Okra soup

Okra soup is a dish made at weddings in Konya and its surroundings. Okra soup is always served at parties, iftar tables and on special days.


In Lokmahane, which is a clean business in the style of a family place, you can also prefer okra soup, tarragon soup, flat bread baked with plenty of ingredients, oven-cooked meat and sheep yogurt.

Address: Aziziye Mah., Mengüç Cad., No: 49, Karatay/Konya

Contact: +90 332 353 13 43

Other Tastes

Köfteci Sofu

It is the most delicious place where you can eat Konya's famous finger meatballs. The main reason for choosing this place is the quality of the meat. The meat rate of meatballs prepared from lamb and sheep fed by them is also very high.

Address: Marangozlar Sanayi Sitesi Horozluhan Mah., Hizarcı Sok., No: 133 Selçuklu/Konya

Contact: +90 332 236 75 86

Somatçı Fihi Ma Fih Restaurant

It is a place where you can experience and taste Konya cuisine and history at the same time… you can try

In this authentic restaurant, thanksgiving plate, sirkencübin, sesame bulgur ası, rose sherbet. Foods are prepared without using tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers or oil in accordance with the culture of the Seljuk period.

Address: Aziziye Mah., Celal Sok., No: 39 Karatay/Konya

Contact: +90 332 352 42 00

Ali Baba Fırın Kebap

Another taste point of Konya is fırın kebab (oven-cooked meat). This is one of the well-established addresses you can choose for oven-cooked meat prepared with lamb meat.

Address: Şems-i Tebrizi Mah., Şeref Şirin Sok., No: 5/A Karatay/Konya

Contact: +90 332 351 03 07



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