Natural Beauties Of Konya
Natural Beauties Of Konya

Natural Beauties Of Konya

We have to firstly mention about Turkey’s second largest lake, Lake Tuz while talking about Konya full of natural beauties that will fascinate you. The city with 12 lakes in total also accommodates Lake Beysehir which is Turkey's third largest lake and which has two beaches as well as 22 islands and deserves respect with this natural beauty.

Lake Tuz

This wonderland located at the intersection of the borders of Aksaray and Konya is Turkey's second largest lake as we mentioned above. Lake Tuz that has magnificence sufficient to provide 40 percent of Turkey’s salt needs each year is among indispensable destinations for photo enthusiasts in recent years. Why do not you take a selfie with such a beauty behind you? 

Lake Beyşehir

Do not say "you are always talking about lakes", we will happen to pass caves, be patient Now look; I claim that if Beyşehir were human, it would definitely be a woman! Why? Because, this lake is determined and courageous like mothers who gave up themselves in order to protect their children and it is also naive like a smiling woman causing inner peace with its silk-like water.

Why can't you relax and calm down in this peaceful lake with two beaches?

Yerköprü Waterfall

Don’t forget, you will catch the most majestic condition of Yerköprü Waterfall with different beauty in every season of the year, in June! This place is a whole with its sound of the flowing water that is relaxing and stimulating and giving the people the strength to do what they want by moving them away from laziness, the plant from the most beautiful tones of green and its incredible view!

I’m telling you that this place deserves more than one selfie.

Baltaini Cave

What about presenting figurine modeled by you to the presence of thousands of years like a piece from you? The length of Baltaini Cave located within the borders of Çamlık Town and Derebucak district is exactly 1768 meters. This magnificent place, which astonishes its visitors with its beauty, also has a special magnificence as it consists of two different levels one after the other. There are also three giant witch’s cauldrons here! When you go to Baltaini Cave, which is worth seeing with its travertine, witch’s cauldrons and sculpture room, do not forget to make a small figurine and leave it in the sculpture room!


But that’s not all, of course. This city is full of natural beauties, which we cannot count in this article, and even if we do, hours should be spent reading. The best thing to do for you to discover our routes, and we will be with you again in another article. Have a good travel in advance.


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