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Historical Kastamonu Baths

The oldest bathhouses in Kastamonu with a historical touch and authentic structure were built in the 16th century, I mean mooreee than 500 years agoooo, and they are still in use. 

The bathhouses are in the form of a long room which is circled with bath basins and has a navel stone in the centre. The warming section of the baths also warms the hearts of the visitors. While lying back on the navel stone, you will forget all of your concerns and troubles watching how the vapour goes out from the holes in the ceiling and the light beam dances on the ceiling, and it will take you back to centuries ago...

The Turkish baths in Kastamonu make you feel like that. Turkish baths are important not only for health issues, but also for social and cultural activities, and this importance which was attributed to the baths have not changed a bit in Kastamonu. The interest, attention and service in the Turkish baths, which have been in use since their construction, is still on the top level.

If you wish to be beamed up to centuries ago, then let’s come with us to the most historical and valuable Turkish baths in Kastamonu!

Turkish Baths From The 16th Century

Dede Sultan Turkish Bath: Sheik of Mevlevi Lodge, Celalettin Dede Sultan built this bathhouse. This bath was built in 1514, and it is the only artifact surviving from the Mevlevi Lodge. The building stands out with its structure formed by piling up the rubble stones, and its last restoration was completed a few years ago. It is a rumour that the best rubbing in Kastamonu is offered there. 

Double Turkish Bath: This Turkish bath was built by Halim Çelebi, the teacher of Selim the Resolute. Two separate structures for women and men were built adjacent to each other. According to the inscription at the entrance of the bathhouse, the construction was completed in 1524. Standing out with its smiling employees, the Double Turkish Bath is preferred for its reasonable prices. And we should add that the foam massage is so good ;) 

Arabapazarı Turkish Bath: Kadi Nustullah built this Turkish bath. It has been repaired twice in 1918 and 1981 since its construction in 1515. Arabapazarı Turkish Bath offers a quite sincere atmosphere, and it was built by piling up the rubble stones combining with soil mixture as observed in the architecture of the period.

19th Century

New Turkish Bath: The bathhouse was built by Karamustafa Pasha in 1811. Compared to the others, the New Turkish Bath is a smaller bathhouse but offers a really authentic atmosphere. It was restored lastly in 2005, and you can find services such as sauna, pool and shower in this bathhouse. In short, don't get it wrong that its name is new.


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