5 Gifts Unique to Kastamonu and Shopping Destinations...
5 Gifts Unique to Kastamonu and Shopping Destinations...

5 Gifts Unique to Kastamonu and Shopping Destinations...

While in Kastamonu, of course, many people do not come back without buying garlic, but do you think it is all? Of course not! You already know that you can find the original Taşköprü garlic there... What about the others?

Here we go:

1- Cide Yellow Scraf

This scarf was even a subject in the famous writer Rıfat Ilgaz's novel, and it draws attention with the charm on its colours and designs. These scarfs are produced by the talented women of this city who work their magic on the needlepoint. Moreover, these scarves are used as an accessory in various forms such as dress, tablecloth, and bandana.

2- Pastrami

This taste is special to the Turkish, and even though it is not as famous as the ones in Kayseri, the people of Kastamonu also makes delicious pastrami. Prepared by the traditional methods, you can find Kastamonu pastrami and Kastamonu sujuk at Meşhur Tabakoğlu Pastırmacısı.

3- Tosya Rice

The unshelled Tosya rice is grown with the clear and crystal water of Ilgaz Mountain, and it has 97 types. The first unshelled rice factory was established in 1926 in Tosya upon the instruction of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Mostly ‘Sarıkılçık’, ‘Yaşar’, ‘Maratelli’ and ‘Osmnancık’ types of Tosya rice are preferred. 

4- Siyez (Einkorn) Bulgur

Produced from siyez wheat, this bulgur is grown only in Kastamonu around Turkey and especially around İhsangazi, Seydiler and Devrekani Districts. Siyez is known as the most natural wheat type, and it is declared as the first "Presidium" product of Turkey and needs to be supported for production and protection.

5- Pınar Doll

The rival of Barbie, Pınar Doll, started to be produced in 2001 in Kastamonu. The women in Pınarbaşı District make this local toy, and it is a patented product. Especially the tourists visiting the city show incredible interest to the doll.

Kastamonu Shopping Destinations

Hanımeller Bazaar: This bazaar was established with the initiative of the Municipality and Governorship, and you can find the handicraft products of the women of Kastamonu there. It has been open since 2013.

Address: Hepkebirler, Münire Sok., No:13, 37100 Merkez/Kastamonu 

Münire Madrasa Handicrafts Bazaar: This bazaar offers the products of handicraft, there are more than 20 shops in the bazaar. It has been open since 2001.

Address: Hepkebirler Mah., Mehmet Feyzi Efendi Cad., Merkez 37100 Merkez/Kastamonu

Kışla Street: It is the busiest street in Kastamonu. The chain stores and fast-food restaurants are located on this street. Karaçomak Stream flows in the middle of the street.

Address: İsmailbey Mah., Kışla Cad., Merkez 37100 Merkez/Kastamonu 

Kastamonu Coppersmiths’ Bazaar: It has an area of more than 6 thousand square metres. The men in the region have been working on coppersmith in Kastamonu since 1840. Therefore, you can find many amazing products made of copper in this bazaar.

Address: Bakırcılar Sok., No:3, Hepkebirler, 37100 Merkez/Kastamonu 


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