Natural Beauties of Kastamonu
Natural Beauties of Kastamonu

Natural Beauties of Kastamonu

The First Child of The Mother Earth

"Oh my God! Such a beauty, such a nature! Are you the first child of the mother earth? Because it has favoured you considerably, she has discriminated among her children". This is what you will say when you see Kastamonu. You will lose your mind at its beauty, and I have listed gorgeous destinations which you will fall for.

Küre Mountains National Park

I promise that you have not seen such diverse shades of green before! There are so many greens there! And each of them has its own unique shade... I am talking about a destination which has been crowned with its place in "1001 Places to Before You Die" and welcomes its visitors anytime with its freshness for an area of 37 thousand 753 hectares.

Ilgaz Mountain National Park

You may not believe it first when they say "Oh dear, this is one of the destinations in Turkey attracting the most tourists", because you have not been to there! Oh this place, especially during winter... Get your ski gear and come to this national park. We cannot describe it enough, you have to experience it.

Valla Canyon

Honestly, it is divine! It is not possible to cross this canyon without equipment, but which beauty is easy to reach in life? And four dear students of Istanbul Technical University found this place in 1994 when they got lost while wandering around! And it is just discovered recently, and you should not miss this place. Or you would be sorry to miss it. By the way, it is in Pınarbaşı.

Horma Canyon

Greetings again from another beauty in Pınarbaşı! And Zara Stream flows through the canyon. When you go down the canyon, you will reach Ilıca Waterfall. What else do you want? This is how the mother earth works; okay, you favour, but why do you make it so obvious?

Azdavay Canyon

I can hear you saying, "But... but GeziBilen, I will get angry at you. You are insisting on canyons and canyons. And you are not talking about anything else." But promise this is the last one. Do you want to miss out this natural wonder which even the acrophobic persons cannot resist its beauty and visit it by plucking up their courage despite its height of 1200 metres? No, no way. I do not have the heart for this.

Dragon Pit (Cave)

Please do get intimidated with its name. While this pit in Sümerler Village calls you to “Come and Explore” from its deepness for 385 metres, and you’d better attend to this call.

Mantar (Mushroom) Cave

I know, it is really ironic, but no mushroom is grown in Mantar Cave. This cave takes its name from the 4 metres of limestone block inside, and its spacious structure is the mother of the natural beauties! 

Ilgarini Cave

Greetings from the fourth biggest cave in the world! This natural wonder dates back to the prehistoric period and is accessible through a pathway, and it has a length of 858 metres. It will astonish you with its gorgeous beauty!

Ilıca Waterfall

"Ilıca starts where Honya Canyon ends." I think our ancestors should have had such a proverb but did not. So, does GeziBilen stay silent? Of course not, he answers "Did you say Ilıca Waterfall? That place is incredible!" And he also placed an emoji with heart eyes, but please imagine that yourself. Don't expect everything from GeziBilen. I guarantee that Ilıca Waterfall will give you an energy impossible to describe, and you can visit there even with an ATV!

Gideros Bay

I have just told that most probably Kastamonu city is the first child of the mother earth. She gave and gave and treated it also with a bay. It might be lacking a natural beauty, am I right? But nooo! Everything is in moderation; it is even way more beautiful in this city... Located in Cide, Gideros Bay is so beautiful, distinctively heart-warming. May God give more, we don't have an eye on this beauty, but we desire a little...

I thought “I’d better go, visit, see, explore and have fun rather than desiring!”. So, I visited, saw, explored and had great fun for you! Now, it is your turn.


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    06.08.2023 12:58

    Gittim gezdim çok güzel bir yer imkanı olan herkes görmeli bence

  • aydinliramazzann
    22.03.2023 11:03

    Horma kanyonu ve şelale eşliğinde huzur bulabilirsiniz…


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