Famous Persons of Kastamonu
Famous Persons of Kastamonu

Famous Persons of Kastamonu

Stars of The Beautiful City of Universe

Tuncay Akça

Of course, the unforgettable movie of Turkish Cinema is Hababam Sınıfı (the Dunce Class). In this movie, Tuncay Akça performed “Bacaksız!”(the short-legged) who always amused the audience on his the scenes despite the tons of re-watching the movie. He is from Çatalzeytin District of Kastamonu. Born in 1963 and one of the unforgettable names of Turkish Cinema, Akça improved his acting in his young age thanks to the performances of great names such as Halit Akçatepe, Kemal Suna, Münir Özkul, Tarık Akan and Adile Naşit. Thus, he became one of the most requested faces of comedy.

Rıfat Ilgaz

One of the skilled pens of Turkish Literature, Rıfat Ilgaz is among the renowned names of Kastamonu. Born in 1911 in Cide, this skilled pen received his surname in the time of Surname Law which was inspired from Ilgaz Mountain, the most significant symbol of Kastamonu. Ilgaz became one of the well-known writers with his book Sarı Yazna (Yellow Scarf) which he was inspired from the yellow scarfs, the symbol of the city. Then he was mentioned frequently thanks to his novels Karadeniz'in Kıyıcığında (On the Shore of Black Sea), Halime Kaptan (Captain Halime) and Yıldız Karayel and produced many immortal pieces of the Turkish Literature.

Serdar Ortaç

Starting his singing career with "Kara Biberim" song with an unavoidable rise, Serdar Ortaç is one of the most loved and listened to artists of Turkish Pop Music. Ortaç was born in 1970 in Istanbul; however, he is originally from Cide District of Kastamonu.

Ali Osman Boyner and Cem Boyner

Founder of Altınyıldız, owner of Boyner, Ali Osman Boyner is the most successful son of the family trading angora wool. He is among the successful and famous people of Kastamonu. I guess we don’t have to state that his son Cem Boyner is naturally from Kastamonu.

Gökçe Yıldırım

The requested face of the new media, one of the most loved and supported names of Youtube, Gökçe Yıldırım is from Cide District of Kastamonu. She has become the most famous Youtuber of Turkey with her make-up videos for the last 6 years. And she is loved by a great number of fans for her sincerity in front of the camera and her cuteness for lisping in her speech. And we are talking about her natural beauty!

Cihan Ünal and Irmak Ünal

Successful, never sacrificing from his good looks and kindness, Cihan Ünal is also from Kastamonu. His tone of voice carries you to the deepest meaning, even with the most familiar words. Born in 1946, Cihan Ünal and his daughter Irmak Ünal, both beautiful and a successful actress, are among the most loved names of Turkish Cinema. And have we mentioned that they are from Kastamonu?

Hüner Coşkuner

One of the most loved names of the millions thanks to her legendary voice, Hüner Coşkuner was born in 1963, and she is from the fruitful lands of Kastamonu. The talented name received her training at Emin Ongan Üsküdar Musical Community. Apart from the music, she is among the most mentioned names with her significant support provided to social responsibility projects. 

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