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Kars in Numbers

Kars, a frontier city, is located at 40 degrees 36 minutes North longitude and 43 degrees 5 minutes East latitude. The city, which has an area of ​​9 thousand 587 square kilometers, is built on the plain of the same name and right next to the brook of the same name.

It contains five different mountains, including Asagidag, Aladag, Akbaba Mountain, Kisir Mountain and Allahuekber Mountains. Although it is a Serhat city, there is only one border gate called Akyaka, and this gate has been closed since 1993.

Kars has a population of 288 thousand 878 people. 149 thousand 510 of this figure are men with 51.76 percent, and women with 139 thousand 368 and 48.24 percent. The population of the city increases by an average of 0.40 percent every year. In fact, the birth rate is quite high. However, a portion of Kars, which corresponds to 23 percent, emigrate from here every year. Kars, which is the 3rd city with the highest number of immigrants in Turkey, is also in the 59th place in terms of population density.

the city; The city, which has eight districts: Center, Akyaka, Arpaçay, Digor, Kağızman, Sarıkamış, Selim and Susuz, has 10 municipalities, 382 villages and 55 neighborhoods.

The continental climate is dominant in Kars. Due to its high altitude and its location separated from the sea by mountain ranges, there are very harsh winters here. The winter temperature of the city, which has 120 days covered with snow during the year, also follows the same direction and averages -39 degrees Celsius.

Kars, whose vegetation is steppe, is home to mountains and plateaus, which are considered to be one of the most important geographical systems. The vegetation of the city, where frosts are frequently encountered, is also shaped in direct proportion to its climate. Seed plants grow spontaneously in the city. Of the 1250 naturally grown plants, 100 of them are endemic. Accordingly, it is possible to come across many endemic plants bearing the name of Kars in the city.

The city, which has reflected this rich plant diversity in its culinary culture, is one of the most consumed foods, especially the kosher plant, which emerged after the field crops.



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