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What Should You Bring from Kars?

Get Ready to Make Space in Your Suitcase and Luggage!

"We went to Kars, which is full of historical and cultural riches, but what are we going to bring after us?" We hear you ask. You leave yourself in the reliable arms of GeziBilen. We won't screw you up, promise! But we won't let you come back without them.

Homeland of Silver!

We are talking about Kars silver, which has found a place in women's ears, naive fingers and necks by embroidering the sadness, happiness, love and longing in its history! We say that these elegant silver jewelry, each of which is handcrafted, will be yours instead of embellishing your dreams, sowing the seeds of advice in your mind and moving on to another thing you need to bring.

Kars cheddar and gruyere cheese, which has become one of the symbols of the city thanks to the Malakan Family coming from Russia, finds an unforgettable place in the memories with its unique taste, which is exported all over the world today. While you're here, you can't do it without tasting and taking this legendary flavor to your kitchen! If you think that we will only praise and not give information about you, you are wrong. Due to the geopolitical location of the city of Kars, which is quite suitable for grazing, milk quality is much higher than other cities. The taste of cheeses obtained from such a high quality milk is also different! Trust us and don't forget to buy a spare wheel for your car.

Loops of Love

If we don't talk about the handcrafted rugs and carpets of Kars women, who weave all the savings they have accumulated in their existence, we will be hit! Kars women embroider the joy of life, freedom, Anatolian teachings and most importantly their love into these rugs and carpets... Knots enlarge their thoughts and feelings. The indicator of determination in their lives; These carpets and kilims are the most important symbols of Kars women. Why wouldn't someone who has been in such deep moments decorate your home as well?

Not Like Honey, Honey This Honey (!)

Sarikamis, which hides dozens of endemic plants at an altitude of 2,200 and leaves the explorers amazed with its splendor, also increases the honey quality of the bees around it at the right rate. Think about it now, what the beautiful nature of Kars, which brings the quality of its honey to the top by giving such gifts to the bee, will not do to you! Joking aside, honey does not spoil, nor does it smell of mites. Do not return without buying it, keep it in your kitchen. Heal your health.


  • samet
    20.06.2022 18:17

    Ne alınmaz ki. Doğal olan her ürün Kars’ın lezzetini sonuna kadar yaşatıyor. 😉


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