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Symbols of Kars

Treasures of Kars

Undoubtedly, this city has countless works of symbolic value. So, which ones are in the "top10" ranking that has treasure value?

We have compiled for you the structures that make up the identity of the city of serhat, whose history and culture are astonishing, please.

A City from the 10th Century: Ani

We claim that when this city was founded, there was nothing more magnificent than it! The Ancient City of Ani, which started to be shaped by the Armenians moving the city on the Silk Road right after they succeeded in getting their sentence for the second time, contains the most magnificent examples from the 10th century. This past period trade center, which is the most important symbol of the city, is still known as 'the city with 1001 churches and 40 gates'.

First Alperen: Hasan Harakani

The transformation of the Seljuk State into the Anatolian Seljuk State is indisputably the greatest feature of Kars. Hasan Harakani, who became the first martyr in the war waged by his state to bring the religion of Islam and the Turkish nation to Anatolia, is one of the most important symbols in Kars as he is the first Alperen.

Fingerprint of Seljuks, Unique Symbol of the City: Kars Castle

Kars Castle, which was built in the 12th century by the order of Melik Izzeddin, the Sultan of the Saltukid State of the Seljuks and integrated with the city of Kars, is never considered separately from each other. Mainly consisting of three main structures, Kars Castle impresses those who see it with its beauty and mystical atmosphere, while also allowing to watch the magnificent view of the city.

This Flavor "No More?" It makes you say!

Ok, its history is magnificent, its nature is legendary, but what about its taste? At that point, no one can pour water on their hands, and no one! Although it is generally known for its cheddar in Turkey, the prominent cheese type of Kars is gruyere. It started to be produced by the members of the Malakan Family, who escaped from the Russia of the period and took refuge in the Ottoman Empire due to their beliefs in the 1800s and brought their culinary cultures with them; With the contribution of Swiss cheese producer David Moser, its content has been expanded and today it has been transformed into an unforgettable flavor feast on the palate. This unique taste, reminiscent of the city with its taste, is the most important commercial, cultural and culinary symbol of Kars.

Not Submerged, Baltic

Did someone say architectural beauty? No, I mean, no other place can pour water on this city, we asked it from him… We claim that even in the Netherlands, which is the starting point, there is no such beautiful Baltic architectural work! The buildings of this magnificent city, which has no harm in being seen as the embodiment of naivety, are definitely one of its symbols.


  • samet
    20.06.2022 18:19

    Ani harabeleri görülmeden Kars’tan dönüş yapılmaması gerekir. Özellikle Kafkas Cephesi Harp Tarihi Müzesi ziyaret edilmeli.


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