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Natural Beauties of Kars

Natural Beauties of Kars

The Most Mystical State of Nature; Kars

Welcome to nature's most magnificent state! Kars, the most magnificent and mystical place of nature, amazes those who see it with its waterfall, forest, lake and skiing in the snow that does not rise from the ground for 120 days.

Waterfall Floating Water

Every season of the year is full of different beauties in Kars. Susuz Waterfall, which cascades down in the spring months and whose ironic name causes smiles in the faces, is a natural wonder with 24 different bird species around it. The freezing of this waterfall in winter, which is also called 'water flying' among the people, creates the impression of 'the gateway to a legendary story' in the minds.

Are You Ready to Satisfy Oxygen?

Although the Sarıkamış Forests, which contain the most legendary shades of green, are breathtaking with their beauty, they bring people to themselves with their abundant oxygen. The forests, which are full of bird chirping in the summer, are covered with snow for four months in the harsh Kars winter. This forest, which is the first stop of those who want to take a deep breath, is also the capital of those seeking inner peace!

Other than Here Only in the Alps of Switzerland

The last stop of those who satisfy their longing for a nostalgic train journey with the Eastern Express; Kars, the center of culinary and cultural tourism, and the rising value of Kars with winter sports will become Sarıkamış Ski Center! This place has turned into a winter resort with its regulars. The most important feature of the center is the snow quality. The snow of Sarıkamış is unique to the Alps of Switzerland. The snow in Sarıkamış Ski Center, which is the apple of the eye of ski lovers with its coarse grained and crystallized form, impresses with its thickness of up to two meters, which it can maintain throughout the season.

Tourism Asks Çıldır!

The beautiful Çıldır Lake, located on the border of Kars and Ardahan, has a very rich structure in terms of tourism activities. There is even the possibility of skiing on Lake Çıldır, which creates a seductive sense of freedom with its natural beauty! What about exploring Lake Çıldır in a car pulled by sleighs? Don't worry, you will be able to reach your dreams at this point, because this service is also available at the lake!

This is the place where you can break the ice and fish, feel like a royal member with horse-drawn sledges, ski, and if you don't want any of these, you can have a cup of tea and become a poet in the beauty of Çıldır!

Nature Not East

We wanted you to be one of those who appreciate Kars, whose natural beauties have not been discovered for many years due to its location in the Eastern Anatolia Region, especially in recent years! In our opinion, these were the most beautiful natural beauties of Kars, where we looked at its nature, not its east, and admired its beauty by diving into its horizons. Now it's your turn!


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