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Why go to Kars?

Why go to Kars?

Kars is a city of warm-blooded people with its stone houses, which remained from the Russian occupation and are still used, its streets parallel to each other, its cold weather, but the opposite of it. It is a city of a serhat, soldier, pasha… An aunt or uncle who passes by you will definitely help you even when you are in a dead end while talking among yourself. This city keeps one of the most popular examples of Anatolian culture alive. So why should you go? By Allah, we have listed them in items. Come on, let's see together.

Because it is The City of Love and Respect

Instead of encountering the best example of Anatolian culture, this is the city where we will print our mold; It has been an uninterrupted settlement center since 9000 BC. Since it is home to countless cultures and civilizations, it has reinforced the Anatolian culture with its essence and witnessed history. It has fascinated every guest with its cultural structure, which has definitely not been spoiled by the past years. Now isn't this culture worth seeing?

Because Lovers Shoot Here Best

We said that this city takes care of its culture. Here is the best example for you; This city also takes care of its lovers and Dede Korkut Stories. The love affair of Kars, which has plenty of storytelling and baglama mastery, is listened in its best place. We will also print our pattern that you will be amazed by.

Because You Can Stay in the Palace!

During the Russian occupation II. Who wouldn't want to stay in Katerina Palace, which Nikolay had architects and engineers brought from Holland to build?! The palace, which is the source of the mystical atmosphere of the city covered with snow on average 120 days a year, awaits its guests to have an unforgettable experience.

Because The Best Cheese Types Are Here

Sorry but everything is fine! Due to its geopolitical location, the abundance of endemic plants and the grazing of its animals at high altitudes, one of the highest quality milks is unique to this city. As a result, the most beautiful cheese varieties! Kars, which has dozens of cheeses from cheddar to gruyere, goes to the city even just for this wonderful taste.

Because This is The City of Ski Lovers

The snow quality here is comparable only in the Alps of Switzerland in the world! The indispensable address of ski lovers, Sarıkamış Ski Center offers a tremendous sports experience with its snow quality and altitude of up to two meters throughout the season.

Because Ani's Life Is Not Enough

Two countries are separated here by a river. One side remains of the most magnificent city of its time, the other side is separated by a river, and the other side is Armenia, which used to connect those lands here, and now they are separated. presents it. Who wouldn't want to see an ancient city that became the trade center of the world during its existence?

Because People Here Take Their Bread Out of The Ice

The gigantic Çıldır Lake, which is exactly 2 thousand meters above sea level, is actually on the border of Ardahan and Kars, in a structure that connects the two cities and has the taste of a visual feast. There are those who make a living by fishing in the frozen lake during the harsh winter season, and there are those who make the tourists take the magnificent Çıldır tour with horse-drawn sledges... Let us tell you, this city cannot be explored without leaving!


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