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What To Buy In Izmir?

You can find a great variety of products in the Bazars in İzmir, from key holders, magnets, pieces of bric-a-brac to kilims, carpets and jewellery presenting İzmir, all sold in great quantities in shops at the promenade. The Clock Tower, symbol of the city, is the aspect of the city mostly used in souvenirs; you can give it to your friends and relatives as a present in knick-knacks, magnets or paintings.

As İzmir is a metropole located on a large area, you can find here everything you wish! But once in İzmir, it is better that you prefer local products for a colourful shopping experience. To this end, you can find anything you wish in the Kemeraltı Bazaar, Anafartalar Street and Jewellery Bazaar. 

As for the products you can buy here, here are some …

Tulum Cheese 

You can find the best Tulum cheese, a kind of bryndza, in cheese shops in Kemeraltı. This organic food totally produced of sheep’s milk will ensure you to have a pleasant and healthy breakfast at home. The name tulum derives from tulums, namely animal skins in which this cheese was produced in older times, but this delicate cheese is now also produced in tin boxes, but without any compromise on its quality and flavour.

Gum Mastic

Gum mastic from İzmir and Çeşme has great healing properties! This delicacy now spread all over the world was used to heal a great many diseases in antique times. Even though we are used to see it mostly in Turkish coffee, local people use this crystal-like powder also in dishes and deserts. I recommend you to taste it.


Narlıdere is the hometown of mandarins. An intense mandarin smell welcomes one at the outskirts of the neighbourhood. People would say nothing if you wish to have a walk in magical mandarin orchards! Ultimately, the people of İzmir is kind and understanding. I don’t know if you are interested in cultivating plants, but I would recommend you to buy also some seeds and seedlings together with mandarins! Perhaps, you can also plant a mandarin tree on your balcony at home, namely the only place that has remained us of nature!

Shopping Centres In İzmir

-       Forum Bornova

-       Ege Park AVM

-       Agora AVM


  • cI6FxB31
    11.09.2022 12:39

    Ayrıca; Mavibahçe AVM, Hilltown AWM, Westpark AVM, Optimum AVM, Ege Perla, İzmirpark AVM, İstinyepark,Selway Outlet diye eklenmeli Alışveriş merkezlerine

  • aslidemirr
    05.05.2023 11:18

    Tulum peyniri mandalina boyoz götürülebilir.

  • ssedatylmz
    22.03.2023 11:13

    Gidiceğiniz yer yakınsa Boyozda alınabilir.

  • 9zCf9ilB
    01.08.2023 07:12

    Konak Tariş de incir lokumları ve lavanta kolonyası tam bir hediyeliktir. Sevgi ve Saygıyla...💕😊💕

  • unaloykuus
    25.05.2023 06:03

    İzmire gelip Portakal ağaçlarının arasına dalmalıyız. O güzel kokuyu almalıyız.


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