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Here Is The Symbol of İzmir, The Most Beautiful Promenade In The World: Kordon

Here Is The Symbol of İzmir, The Most Beautiful Promenade In The World: Kordon

İzmir is a city that is eternally envied even by fellow-citizens, not to mention other countries… Here in this city of high esteem, home of beautiful ladies and handsome gentlemen as well as Aegean delicacies, you can enjoy a weekend holiday in Çeşme after a drive of only two hours after having worked hard through the week!

Well, let’s see what comes into mind when one speaks of İzmir? To be honest, the first thing that comes into my mind is Gevrek, the Turkish bagel, that is called simit almost everywhere else across Turkey, namely the legendary pastry that is called Gevrek in the whole province of İzmir stretching over an area of 7 thousand 340 km2! Of course, when we speak of pastries, we must also make mention of boyoz …

The Clock Tower in Konak comes at the second place, the monumental structure of 25 m located in Konak, the heart of İzmir. The spectacular tower we see on almost every postcard of İzmir, in front of which visitors have a photo taken instead of saying ‘’I’am in İzmir’’…

Well, what about the historical lift? … This is the second lift built in Turkey; it offers a breath-taking view over this wonderful city, whereby you think, ‘Can the girls of İzmir owe their beauty to this gorgeous territory?’’…

Further symbols are Kemeraltı Bazaar, Kızlarağası Inn, Kadifekale Fortress… Well, there are also the Antique City of Ephesus, Şirince Village and of course the Windmills of Alaçatı, they are all important!

Apart from these, there are certainly other symbols that remind one of İzmir, such as Mediterranean Seal, the Sirens’ Coast near Foça, narcissus of İzmir, cherries of Kemalpaşa, Bird Paradise, gum tree, sakız squash and king fish.

İzmir, what a wonderful city you are; the more we mention of your beauties, the more come into one’s mind… there is really no end of it! But in my opinion, the real symbol of İzmir Kordon, the promenade.

Let’s Meet at Kordon

Yes, you cannot find anyone in İzmir, who has not said this very phrase. This is the promenade of İzmir, the wonderful seafront that serves as a kind of a meeting point of all the people in İzmir, overflowed with people in summer months and a must for every visitor in İzmir. 

İzmir Kordon is place where the green meets the blue, with green lawns on one side and the azure sea on the other. Here you can either have a walk alongside the waterfront or watch the ships pass by lying over the lawns. It is a place where peace is intertwined with entertainment; the meeting place of lovers, and a place of priority for regular visitors, where they drown their sorrows listening to nostalgic songs… Of course, there are also restaurants and cafes where one can have something to eat and drink by the seaside view, enjoying the warm Aegean ambience. 

In fact, there are several promenades in the world similar to that in İzmir, and the most similar one is that in Salonica. Everybody knows of the similar aspects of Salonica and İzmir; the promenade of Salonica is almost the same as the one in İzmir. The promenade in Salonica is not however so wide as the one in İzmir because it does not base on an artificial embankment. It is also not so green as ours. Anyway, let’s not mention now the differences; ultimately, here is Kordon in İzmir… Of course, we are two neighbour countries, but we should give the devil his due J



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