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Prominent People From Istanbul

If someone asks you ''Where do you come from?'' and you respond ''I'm from İstanbul'', that would not be an acceptable response, because then a second question would inevitably follow, ''Where do you originally come from?''. Accordingly, people from long-established families are forced to say ''My family has already been living in İstanbul for many generations now. My ancestors also worked in the service of the court'' to prove that they originally come from İstanbul. In most cases, one of their ancestors presumably worked as an ibrikçibaşı, namely head of the pitcherers, employees in the court, who present water and other liquids in pitchers to the members of the royal family. In response to the opinion commonly held among Turks that there is nobody who originally comes from İstanbul, we have allowed us to design a list of the famous people born and grew up in İstanbul. If you are ready, let’s get started.

Yildiz Kenter

The first person on our list is certainly Yıldız Kenter, the best theatre actress in Turkey, an idol of all the actresses, deeply rooted in the hearts of Turkish people… Born in İstanbul on October 11, 1928, she proved her mastery in more than 100 plays throughout her life. Even after her death, she is one of the Turkish artists who is remembered with deep respect.

Adile Naşit

Sorry, but this text can contain a bit of positive discrimination. For this reason, women artists with mastery in their respective fields occupy the top of our list. Adile Naşit is another personality who deserves such positive discrimination in the real sense of the word. She will always be remembered with her specific laughter that made everybody laugh, a face always with a broad smile, a playing style intertwined with a mother's affection and tales she told to children at the sleeping time in the 1980s. She was also born in İstanbul, and her voice will always be heard deep in the hearts of Turkish people.

Türkan Şoray

Did someone say ‘’a Sultan’’? Yes, Türkan Şoray, Sultan of the Turkish cinematographic art, was born in İstanbul as well. Born in this most beautiful city in the world, she has become the most beautiful woman ever-lived in İstanbul, with her stance never compromising on her beauty, kindness, and mastery in art, traits securing her a special place in the hearts of Turkish people. Even though she has not played in any new project for years now, the number of her fans has never shrunk. Having a walk in the back streets in Beyoğlu, one may see her face and beautiful eyes painted on graffiti.

Halide Edip Adivar

An author of high calibre and quality in the Turkish literary tradition, and a faithful activist in the National Forces during the war of independence, Halide Edip Adıvar was also born in İstanbul, in fact in a house with wisterias in the district of Ihlamurdere. With traits from her literary personality to the contributions she made in the foundation of the Republic of Turkey and her fiery advocacy for women’s rights, she is an idol with innumerable traits and qualities nourished from the rich sources and spirit of İstanbul. May she rest in peace.

Ayşen Gruda

It is with a feeling of deep sorrow that I am writing these lines because she passed away in the very recent past… With her honesty, talent, and warm-hearted character, she was one the artists always in demand by the producers in the Turkish Cinema art. Ayşen Gruda, a personality with a leading light, was born in İstanbul, too. 

Ayla Algan

I am certain that many young girls have had the desire to have her voice tone and to speak so naively as she did. With her performance in theatre plays, her songs and poems, and successful projects she executed until she was awarded State Artist Award and many other events and performances, she is one of the most talented artists in Turkey. This esteemed artist who is a wonderful person and a real lady was also born in İstanbul.

Anta Toros

Let's see the fans who secretly have great admiration for this artist who generally play evil villains or insane characters in Turkish films! Yes, Anta Toros who is always remembered in roles with hairs looking neglected and shabby while embodying evil villains, but is, in fact, a person of great beauty and grace, was also born in İstanbul.

Ajda Pekkan

She is the Super Star of Turkey. With energy envied by young people in her 70s, a passion and love for life, songs, and success stories, she is a real beauty, always in headlines, born and grew up in İstanbul. Madonna of Turkey would not be a wrong title for her. We are looking forward to her new songs. We love her very much, we can't help it.

Şevval Sam

Did you say ''a velvet voice''? Yes, characterised with a sweet voice, artistic talent, and beauty, Sevval Şam for whom people say, ''so many talents combined in the same person, but that's too much, isn't it?'' was also born in İstanbul. Full stop, because words fail to describe her.

Demet Akbağ

First, we got to know her in the play ‘’Bir Demet Tiyatro / A Bunch of Theatre’’, referring to her name Demet meaning a bunch of flowers in Turkish, followed by other plays such as “Have You Ever Seen a Firefly?’’ or ‘’Something Happens to Me?’’ and numerous projects with Yılmaz Erdoğan. Mrs. Demet always praised for her mastery on the stage and the screen was also born in İstanbul. Meanwhile, she has once more received applause for her extraordinary performance in Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s multi-awarded film Winter Sleep. A word of advice if you have not watched this film; it is worth watching, do it!

Bergüzar Korel

Here is another actress characterised by her beauty in our country. This has been like an opening phrase in a TV programme, but Bergüzar Korel is one of the esteemed personalities who deserves every bit of praise she gets. And yes, she was also born in İstanbul. 

And now a few words for our male artists.

Ediz Hun

We know; there are so many male artists born in İstanbul, but we had to begin with Mr.Ediz, a personality with whom innumerable generations have fallen in love. However, with all the charisma and nobility still in place, our jeune premier born in Cihangir in İstanbul is one of the best-ever actors in our country.

Erkin Koray

Without a doubt, he is the master of the genre of Anatolian Rock music. He is still the king at the rock music throne which he once shared with Cem Karaca and is known as the artist who created the electro-baglama. He was born in Kadıköy in İstanbul. After you have read our text, first listen to his song ‘’Sevince’’ (When one falls in love).

Münir Özkul

The late Münir Özkul, the master artist also called Mahmut the Bald due to one of his roles, teacher of the actors and actresses in the Turkish cinema, a personality still receiving applause, was also born in İstanbul. He is an artist of great esteem and talent who generally embodied the role of a father in a middle-class family, embedding the word affection in the hearts of Turkish people. He was an artist with such a great gift that he showed the best performance both in drama and comedies, and in one of his roles, he persuaded people that the best pickles can be produced with lemons.

Müjdat Gezen

Müjdat Gezen, the successful actor who has so far established numerous art schools named after himself, which have educated and trained many artists, was also born in İstanbul. In the yellow media, he made headlines with his symmetry disorder in that he had the roof of a building opposite his house reconstructed because he thought it was not symmetric. He is one of the most successful personalities in the history of Turkish theatre art.

Metin Akpinar

With his successful performance combining comedy and drama and his ever-smiling eyes, Metin of Metin & Zeki, the Comedy-Duo of the Turkish cinema, is a must for a list of artists born in İstanbul. Metin Akpınar is a masterful actor with a unique gift and performance that makes people smile and shed a few drops of tear all at the same time.

Rutkay Aziz

Who wouldn’t want to have a voice tone like his! A personality always with good humour, but never compromising on his noble and kind character, Rutkay Aziz, one of the most gifted artists of the Turkish theatre, was born in İstanbul as well.

Ali Sami Yen

Our readers who are also fans of Galatasaray might have asked ‘’Why is Ali Sami Yeni not included in this list?’’. However, we never forget him. He is the founder of Galatasaray, one of the three biggest football clubs in Turkey, namely the Big Three, together with Fenerbahçe and Beşiktaş. Yen, who was born in İstanbul too, is still remembered with respect among the fans. 

Ceyhun Yilmaz

A sole word from his mouth would incite suffering of love in your heart. His capable pen with the description of love, perspective of life, and passion for life specific to him cannot be described, but only experienced. The poetry he writes with the strength of his pen having its roots in his journey through a life extending from radio programmes to poetry books will certainly get a special place in your heart. And yes, he was also born in İstanbul.

There are so many other personalities… Sinan Çalışkanoğlu, Zihni Göktay, Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar, Murat Ülker, Tevfik Fikret, Kayhan Yıldızoğlu, Uğur Dündar, Mustafa Alabora, Göksel Arsoy and Aras Bulut İynemli… A lot of prominent personalities with great talent and a rich background of great success stories, all born İstanbul …


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