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Hatay with Numbers

Hatay is located on the coastline to the east of the Mediterranean between the 36°15 Northern latitudes and 36°08 Eastern longitudes. In terms of population density, it is the 13th most crowded city in Turkey and the current population is 1 million 609 thousand 856. The population increases by 2 percent in average every year and its comprised of 809 thousand 484 males with 50,28 percent and 800 thousand 372 females with 49,72 percent of the population.

The surface area is 5 thousand 867 square kilometers and the number of persons per square kilometer in Hatay is 274. There are ruins dating back to 100.000 to 40.000 BC and it is among the oldest settlements on earth. In Hatay, the port city of Mesopotamia, the beautiful coastline on the Mediterranean is 186 kilometers long.

The city is also rich in geographical formations, 46,1 percent is made of mountains and 33,5 percent is of plains, followed by 20,4 percent with plateaus. The city is magnificent on the Nur Mountains, a significant part of its heights, and the highest point is the Mığırtepe at 2 thousand 240 meters.

Hatay is included in the Mediterranean climate zone, its plant cover has been shaped accordingly, it is made of scrubs with fuzzy leaves and forests which are 4 to 5 meters high in average. 

In the city that defies time, the most important water source is the Asi River, it is the second river after the Nile which has a backflow. In Hatay, there are more rivers other than the Asi River, namely Deliçay, Mersin Çayı, Arsuz Çayı, Gülcihan Çayı and Burnay Suyu, and there are four dams, namely Tahtaköprü, Yayladağı, Yarseli and Arsuz Gönen.

Hatay is rich in waters, there are four lakes, mainly the Amik Lake, Gölbaşı, Yeşil Lake and Kızılgöl.

The most of the city has the Mediterranean climate, but you can see the impact of the continental climate on high points. It is usually rainy and warm in the winter, hot and dry in the summer, the average temperature in the summer is 28,6 centigrade degrees. The average temperature in the winter varies between 11,9 and 8,1 centigrade degrees and the general average temperature throughout the year is 18,2 centigrade degrees. It has only one day through the year that it is covered in snow and the annual average rainfall is 562,2–1216,3 mm.



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