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Tasty Local Restaurants In Hatay

Tasty Local Restaurants In Hatay

We looked for the best restaurants in Hatay that has the richest cuisine with the most varieties and the most delicious food in the country.

Spinach borani prepared with pomegranate syrup, fellah meatballs, pepper bread, humus and muhamma and similar tastes are a part of every meal in Hatay. From künefe to kebabs, falafels to içli köfte… The answers to your questions, what to eat and drink and where to have künefe in Hatay:

Yusuf Dayi Breakfast Salon

Let’s start with a breakfast salon where you can discover all breakfast tastes specific to Hatay in accompaniment of a breathtaking view… Homemade zahtar, carrot jam, çökelek, salty yoghurt, crushed olives, cheese casserole, mixed bread and other countless tastes will adorn your plate.

Address: Harbiye Bucağı, Yukarı Döver Köyü, Antakya/Hatay

Contact: 0536 640 24 55

Avlu Restaurant

Avlu Restaurant is an elegant and inviting place which offers you meat dishes, kebabs, homemade French fries, gavurdağı and thyme salads, butter humus, çiğ köfte and many more. The restaurant starts the feast with butter and cheese served with hot bread and ends the joy of dinner with cheese semolina halwa specific to Antakya.

Address: Zenginler Mah. Kahraman Sok. No: 39, Antakya/Hatay

Contact: 0326 216 13 12

Konak Restaurant

This place serves at an old restored mansion and is created by inspiring authentic rooms and a yard. This mystical atmosphere is combined with the delicious taste of meat dishes, falafel, humus, Antakya cheese casserole, çiğ köfte and others. Konak Restaurant is famous for its cream pistachio künefe and but of course you can try other künefe varieties.

Address: Zenginler Mah. Kastal Sok. No: 1, Antakya/Hatay

Contact: 0326 214 32 14

Pöç Kasabi

Are you thinking of the meat tray? Let me give you a single address for it, Pöç Kasabı! After you tell the waiter how many grams you would like to have, you can watch them while preparing the dish. The meat tray is served with hot pita and fresh mint. It takes really very short to have it in your stomach.

Address: Yeni Cami Mah. Uzun Çarşı Cad. No: 154, Antakya/Hatay

Contact: 0326 213 95 03

Sultan Sofrasi

Sultan Sofrası is a modest address for local tastes and it receives full points from its visitors who crave for homemade local tastes such as oruk, frig rice, spinach borani and aşur. You are awaited by delicious food in this place which has a dining hall concept.

Address: Meydan Mah. İstiklal Cad. No:20/A, Antakya/Hatay

Contact: 0326 213 87 59

Humusçu Nedim Usta

What Nedim Usta is famous for is humus but of course, you can try other appetizers specific to Hatay. Do not pass by this experience where you can taste the real humus!

Address: Zenginler Mah. Gazi Paşa Cad. No: 5, Antakya/Hatay

Contact: 0326 213 42 55 

Sahil Restaurant

You can taste many delicious food including butter humus, çiğ köfte, fish or shrimps and have a drink against the view of the sea accompanied with an amazing sunset at Sahil Restaurant built on a pier by the seaside. Sahil Resrautant is the top place for a dinner with a sea view.

Address: Karaağaç Mah. İmes Sitesi İçi Yolu, İskenderun/Hatay

Contact: 0326 641 61 35

Affan Kahvesi

Affan Kahvesi has a unique atmosphere with the historical street it is located on, its original pavement stones, cisterns and at least 70 year old chairs, this place will get to your soul with its pudding, homemade ice cream and Haytalı, a dessert made of rose syrup. By the way, Haytalı is served with cast aluminum spoons on your table.

Address: Fevzi Çakmak Mah. Kurtuluş Cad. No: 42/A, Antakya/Hatay

Contact: 0326 215 12 48

Çinaralti Künefe

Yusuf Usta is another taste stop with its künefe cooked on cinder, located in the Long Bazaar. You can have as much as you want of this künefe because it is not too sweet.

Address: Yeni Cami Mah. Ayakkabıcılar Çarşısı 2 Pazar Sok. Ahmediye Cami, Antakya/Hatay

Contact: 0326 212 68 88

Tarihi Bizim Künefeci

Bizim Künefe, brought to life with the efforts of Ragıp Usta, is a place inherited from early generations. It is popular for its cheese künefe.

Address: Ulucamii Mah. Kırk Asırlık Türk Yurdu Cad. No: 3 Antakya/Hatay

Contact: 0539 373 90 71



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