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5 Important Thermal Springs in Hatay

These waters used to heal the wounds of many warriors and sultans in the past… They relieved the pain and cleared their souls from darkness!

 Water has always symbolized purification since the Ottomans. The people of this land get cleaned and refreshed with water! Their troubles go with the flowing water and these springs heal their diseases. The water here still continues to cure. I will be sharing five important thermal springs in Hatay that are considered useful for rheumatism, cardiac disorders, skin conditions to kidney stones and many others. 

Alaattin Village Thermal Spring

The Alattin Village Thermal Spring which has become popular among the healing waters of Hatay recently was discovered during the excavation works for the Ottoman Thermal Hotel. Therefore, it is one of the new ones. This thermal water has 29.317 mg minerals in 1 liter water at 45 centigrade degrees and it is the only thermal water in Turkey to have 15 mg iodide mineral. It is especially useful for those who have respiratory conditions. The Alattin Village Thermal Spring is also known to be good for diseases such as goiter.

Address: Alaattin Mah., Güngör Uydu Kent Sitesi, 38. Ada Sok., 31030 Antakya/Hatay

Hamamat Thermal Spring

It is one of the biggest thermal water facilities in Hatay. It hosts millions of visitors who come here every year for recovery from their diseases. The Hamamat Thermal Spring has modernized hamams and pools as it has been serving for so long. The thermal is located within the borders of the district of Kumlu.

Address: Kırcaoğlu Mah., Kırıkhan Reyhanlı Yolu, 31520 Kumlu/Hatay

Reyhanli Hamam

The Reyhanlı Hamam is one of the thermal springs that have a place in the history of Hatay. It is one of the oldest hamams in the city and here, you can drink water from the source that is fed by five different water sources. The Reyhanlı Hamam is also one of the best hamams in Hatay to be good for rheumatism.

Address: Yeni Mah., Şemsettin Mursaloğlu Cad., No: 53, 31500 Reyhanlı/Hatay

Erzin Başlamiş Thermal Waters And Facilities

The Erzin Başlamış Thermal Waters and Facilities are located in Başlamış Village in Hatay. This place is one of the thermal waters of Hatay and it can also be used for drinking water. The mineral water of this source which is rather high in saline concentration is good for many skin conditions.

Address: Başlamış, 31960 Erzin/Hatay

Kisecik Village Thermal Spring

The Kisecik Village Thermal Spring is one of the thermal water sources of Hatay. It is characterized by being good for kidney stones. Water, when consumed in recommended amounts, supports medication treatments. It is also known to be good for inflammations in the urinary system. The thermal spring which also supports the treatment of rheumatism is frequently visited by the residents of Hatay.

Address: Kisecik Köyü, 4. Km., Kisecik/Hatay



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