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Gaziantep with Numbers

Gaziantep is one of the oldest settlements in Turkey and around the world. According to the last population census, its population is 2 million 69 thousand 364 persons. The population is divided almost equally between men and women, and 1 million 44 thousand 799 men form 50,49% of the population, while 49,51% represents 1 million 24 thousand 565 women.

Gaziantep has a surface area of 7 thousand 642 kilometre-squares, and it is the ninth crowded city in Turkey. Located in the Middle Fırat Region of the Southern-east Anatolian Region, Gaziantep’s coordinates are 37 degrees 2 minutes North latitude and 37 degrees 18 minutes 25 split seconds Eastern longitude. The neighbours of the city are Şanlıurfa in the East, Osmaniye and Hatay in the West, Kahramanmaraş in the North, Syria in the South, Adıyaman in the Northen-east, and Kilis in the Southern-west.

Because of its geographical position, Gaziantep lies on the continental climate zone as well as the Mediterranean climate zone. The summer and the first month of autumn, September, are really hot. This city experiences a harsh cold winter during December, January and February, and the hottest temperature is 44 centigrade degree, while the coldest one is -13 centigrade degree. The city receives the highest amount of rain in December and February. Because of its climate caused by its geographical position, high temperature differences occur between day and night during the mid-seasons. As it does not have any coast, the humidity is relatively low; however cold it is, the cold is not bitter in this city. The city is covered with snow on average 15 days per year.

The most crowded district of the city is Şahinbey, and it has a total of 9 districts namely Şehitkamil, Nizip, İslahiye, Nurdağı, Araban, Oğuzeli, Yavuzeli and Karkamış, and it has 194 neighbourhoods. 99% of the city is arable soil. Therefore, 63% of the land consists of cultivated areas. With a small forest area, this city is mostly covered with brush-woods. The mountains have the appearance of lowland, and the plains look like grass and forest.

Lastly, the city’s traffic code is 27, and phone code is 342.



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