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Stars of Gaziantep

Stars of Gaziantep

Yes, they are not just celebrities; they are also stars. We have listed the celebrities from Gaziantep, which fought heroically pitilessly for its independence. Let's start without going on too much. So, who are these celebrities benefitting from these fruitful lands of this beautiful city?

Ebru Gündeş

Ebru Gündeş, who carries the listeners to dreams with her beautiful voice and has an always smiling face and offers her conscious to everyone, is originally from Gaziantep. If you have not heard her even once, we recommend you strongly to listen to her voice. And we continue to search for the others famous around Turkey with roots from these beautiful lands.

Edip Akbayram

Great artist and Turkish Folk Music singer Edip Akbayram is also one of the unforgettable names of Gaziantep. Akbayram has been an inspiration to a generation and is enshrined in the memories with all of his songs.

Gökhan and Hakan Özoğuz Brother

Most of us know them as "Athena Gökhan and his brother". They are the twin brothers, voice of band Athena and the guitarist and also unforgettable names of Turkish rock music. The whole Turkey knows these two names, and everyone memorises their songs. They continue their music life and meets the expectations of their fans with new songs.

Burak Özçivit

Did anyone say handsome? He is a great actor, model, a perfect husband as well as a great father. So, do you expect more? And this handsome artist with influential eyes is also from Gaziantep.

Hazal Kaya

Even though she started her acting career with the TV show "Genco", our young mother won the fame with "Aşk-ı Memnu". And Hazal Kaya is our beautiful actress who has gathered the talents and gifts of Gaziantep. Recently, she is mentioned as the wife of great actor Ali Atay; however, she has another talent as a professional cook. She is a jack-of-all-trades.

Gizem Memiç

Gaziantep is not only the home of handsome people but also the beautiful. Gizem Memiç, who was crowned Miss Turkey 2010, is the beautiful name of Gaziantep.

Kenan Doğulu and Ozan Doğulu

Born in 1974, Kenan Doğulu represented Turkey in Eurovision Song Contest 2007 and has produced endless songs to Turkish Pop music. Our lovely singer and his brother Ozan Doğulu, both a producer and conductor, are among the successful people of Gaziantep.

Derya Büyükuncu

Derya Büyükuncu, a National Swimmer of Turkey, is also from Gaziantep which is not remembered with only its singers, actresses or beauties but also with its sportspeople. And as you can see, she has also received her share from the talents of Gaziantep.

Ahmet Ümit

If we can define him as "the name popularising the reading activity once again among Turkish people thanks to his books", it would not be incorrect. And Ahmet Ümit is also from Gaziantep.

Faruk Güllüoğlu

Of course, the owner of the most well-known baklava and dessert brand is from Gaziantep, which is famous for baklava. Faruk Güllüoğlu is also among the prosperous and visionary names of Gaziantep.


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