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The Pearl of Erzurum, Jet Stone

The jet stone, in which black finds its peace that you can see on the windows of shops in Erzurum, has been identified with this city. This worldwide famous stone adds an incredible cultural and artistic value to the city, whether it’s because of the air or water in Erzurum!

The jet stone, soft when first dug out from the ground, is comprised of a mixture of wood resin, clay and lignite, hardens when in contact with air and it becomes an unbreakable shield after being processed. Now, I will talk about the properties of this stone which has become a symbol of Erzurum.

You can buy souvenirs made of this amazing stone, like jewelry, prayer beads or other accessories during your trip. We will tell you what to look for while buying this precious stone.

A History of 200 Years

The jet stone is indeed as precious as diamond and it requires a certain amount of effort. It is very hard to extract the jet stone which is present at points that can only be accessed on foot in valuable mineral deposits in high, rocky lands of Erzurum. It is necessary to carry all extracted materials manually. This stone was discovered underground 200 years ago and it is easy to break when it is first dug out of the ground. It is very fragile so it needs a little more attention.

Shines When Taken Care of 

Although the black pearl of Erzurum, the jet stone is generally black, it can also be found in dark Brown, yellow, grey-green colors. Therefore, it can be used to make various objects from key rings to brooches, necklaces to hair combs. While jewelry made of jet stone together with silver is very popular among women, prayer beads made of jet stone are also essential for men… By the way, the more you touch it with your hands, the more it shines.

Craftsmanship From Father To Son

The craftsmanship of this stone, which is named after the Oltu district of Erzurum, is passed from father to son. These rare pieces shaped at modest shops can be found in the Rüstem Paşa Bazaar which was built upon the orders of Rüstem Paşa, the Grand Vizier of Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent.

What To Look For While Buying

It is said that the jet stone has positive impacts on humans and it clears chakras from negative energy. You should watch out for fake stones too!

If you decide to buy jet stone, you need to be able to distinguish between the original and the fake. You can apply the following methods to do so:

- Rub the stone to another object to be electrified, if it shows magnetic properties, it is original.

- It should have a solid sound when you knock somewhere with the stone.

- You can feel at ease if the jet stone you bought becomes shinier as you use it, it means it’s original, nothing but the black pearl from the deep lands of Erzurum.


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