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Natural Wonders of Erzurum

Erzurum, despite being famous for its bastions, is home to many natural wonders that will leave you in awe. We have compiled the natural beauties of this city including its mountains and lakes, chimneys and waterfalls and even a botanical garden, here you are.

Narman Fairy Chimneys

Welcome to the “Land of Red Fairies”. Narman Fairy Chimneys, temporarily included in the World Heritage List in 2012 by the Unesco National Commission of Turkey are actually the products of a tectonic compression but they are amazingly beautiful and give the visitors quite a show. These natural wonders which are not thousands but millions of years old are among the best places to see in the city.

Ata Park Botanical Garden

The Ata Park Botanical Garden, which has the highest altitude not only in Turkey but also in the world, is kind of an Alice in Wonderland that truly deserves to be listed among the natural wonders of Erzurum. This place, that looks like an eden with more than 150 plant species has a glorious view with a field of 100 thousand square meters only reserved for landscaping. You absolutely need to see the most amazing state of nature in Erzurum.

Mount Palandöken

We have told them that this place was going to be huge and they listened to us J Joking aside, the Mount Palandöken, which is the center of winter tourism in Turkey, is a gem for ski lovers with snow that never melts for months due to its geographical location. The snow white has a poetic beauty at the Mount Palandöken where the snow quality is really high. Let me tell you that in advance J

Lake Tortum

A true wonder of nature, the Lake Tortum was created after a landslide from the Kemerli Mountain in the 1800s. This unique beauty in a narrow and steep valley is spread over an 8 kilometer field in a bowl view. Don’t you think you should have a selfie at the golden hour with this natural wonder in the background?

Tortum Waterfalls

The Tortum Waterfalls, which is the third biggest in the world right after the Vieotorio and Niagara falls, is among the most beautiful natural wonders in Turkey. Remember that the waterfall will be a unique background for your posts, assuring many likes with its amazing view from the balconies.

Narman Beşgöller

The Narman Beşgöller, a true wonder of nature, is located 121 km to Erzurum, but it takes very short to get there by car. When you arrive in Narman, Beşgöller offers you a warm welcome with a visual feast. This area where five small lakes create an amazing view is still a virgin land today. There are many plateaus to discover nearby. Considering the fact that the closest plateau is 2 km far, you cannot be done with this trip without taking an amazing photo from a point overlooking this field!


  • pelinakgl
    20.06.2022 12:06

    Yazın, Tortum'da kamp yapan var mı? Çok soğuk oluyor mu? Ona göre uyku tulumu alacağız.

  • Erzurumlu25FK
    26.04.2023 17:46

    erzurumluyum :D

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    31.12.2023 14:41

    Of Yaaaaaâaaaaaaaa kesin düşük alcam

  • leylakorkmazz
    29.03.2023 12:20

    Palandöken kayak yapmak için en ideal yerlerden biri.


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