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Celebrities of The City

We will be straight forward, while we were searching for the celebrities from this city, we couldn’t help thinking “Is every citizen of this city famous?”. Let’s share some of them with you. Here you are.

Acun Ilicali

Acun Ilıcalı, who is the most succesful media entrepreneur in the country for bringing a new breath to the Turkish television and the owner of TV8 and Exxen on which every citizen in Turkey watched at least one show, is from Erzurum. Ilıcalı, with his vision of introducing the world to Turkey and Turkey to world cultures, was born on May 29, 1969. Words are not enough to describe the most successful name of the “Land of the Brave Men”. The list is long, so go on to the second one.


Nusret Gökçe is also an Erzurum dadaş. He was born in 1983, reached worldwide fame, welcomed Hollywood stars at his restaurants, even made Leonardo di Caprio put a toothpick between his teeth, he is our last meat bender, we wish him more success. Onto the next celebrity. Remember, this list is a solid one.

Eşref Kolçak

The veteran of Turkish Cinema, Eşref Kolçak is also from the daedal lands of Erzurum. He was born in 1927, is the father of Harun Kolçak, an unforgettable name of Turkish music, died on May 26, 2019 following countless successful artistic works in his lifetime.

Harun Kolçak

Although he was born in İstanbul in 1960, the successful name of Turkish Pop Music who never forgot about Erzurum, is among the precious names affiliated with Erzurum. Harun Kolçak, who died in 2017, left many unforgettable pieces for his fans.

Erol Taş

Erol Taş, our beloved actor who didn’t resemble even a little the evil characters he played in Turkish cinema, is one of the most loving people of Erzurum. Although he was famous for his bad characters, he is still remembered with acknowledgement and dignity by the Turkish people as he spent all of his earnings on charity.

Tuğba Büyüküstün

Tuğba Büyüküstün, one of the most beautiful actresses of Turkish cinema and TV, is a one of a kind artist vested with superior skills from Erzurum.Known for her grace and acting, Büyüküstün is now busy with raising her children and a great mother who continues to work.

İbrahim Erkal

İbrahim Erkal, a dadaş from Erzurum, born in 1967, is one of the most important representatives of Fantasy-Arabesque music in Turkey. He died in 2017 and left many emotional songs to his fans.

Mesut Yar

Istanbul University Faculty of Archeology and Near Eastern Protohistory Although the main branch of science graduates who ended the morning newscasts Turkey as anchorman name, has long been the host of the program was doing. However, he has returned to his viewers who miss him again with the morning news belt and continues to make his sharp tongue speak. Known for his sharp tongue and high level of humor, Yar is one of the most successful names in Erzurum.

Ahmet Enes

There is no person who listened to İstanbulun Sesi Radio and was not impressed by his touching voice. If you have never heard of Ahmet Enes, a beloved dadaş of Erzurum, you can give a chance to the song “Çocukluk”. Now onto the next one.

Selahattin Taşdöğen

Selahattin Taşdöğen, a famous theater artist, called the Hulusi Kentmen of recent years, is a veteran actor who had his share from the artistic touch of Erzurum. Taşdöğen graduated from Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting, still acts.



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