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The Addresses of The Most Popular Local Tastes in Erzurum

The Addresses of The Most Popular Local Tastes in Erzurum

As the snow does not melt for a very long time in Erzurum, the people here rather prefer pastry or meat. The city is famous for its Cağ Kebab, but döner kebab, dried beans and dessert are also popular.

In this article, we will share the names and addresses of the best restaurants to taste them. Bon appétit. ;)

1-    Cağ Kebab

You can find many restaurants that serve cağ kebab in its homeland. However, a few of them make this taste an everlasting one. The lamb or mutton is cleared from its nerves and placed on skews to get a legendary taste! We have two recommendations to try it out. The first one is Koç Cağ Kebab, the first cağ kebab restaurant in Erzurum, and the other one is the most popular one, Gel-Gör Cağ Kebab.

Gel-Gör: Topçuoğlu Mah., Gürcükapı Cad., No: 4, Yakutiye/Erzurum

Koç Cağ Kebab: Kazım Karabekir Paşa, Nazik Çarşısı Cd. No: 6, 25100 Yakutiye/Erzurum

2-    Döner

This is an awesome taste that you can have at any time during the day! The leaves of meat are seasoned with basil and thyme and cooked on wood fire. You can have it on a plate or in a sandwich, but you should certainly have it no matter how…

Dönerci Hacı Baba: Muratpaşa, İsmetpaşa Cad., No: 15, 25100 Yakutiye/Erzurum

3-    Stuffed Kadayif

Erzurum has a legendary stuffed kadayıf dessert. It attracts its visitors with its light but delicious taste, no matter where you have it. We recommend Kadayıfçı Muammer Usta for this dessert. You can have some packed as a gift. They wrap and vacuum it so it does not leak outside the box.

Kadayıfçı Muammer Usta: Kazımkarabekir Mah., Terminal Cad., No: 39, 25240 Yakutiye/Erzurum

4-    Meatballs

In Erzurum, meatballs are thin and long and prepared only with meat and salt without any other spice. We invite you to a historical place to experience it. You can also taste some liver at this place.

Emirşeyh Köftecisi: Rabia Ana, Tebriz Kapı Cad., No: 170, 25100 Yakutiye/Erzurum

5-    İspir Beans

Not many people dislike dried beans, our national food, in our country… İspir Beans, spread all over the world from Erzurum, is best cooked here. Erzurum is the homeland of dried beans.

Güzelyurt Restaurant: Lalapaşa, Cumhuriyet Cad., No: 62, 25100 Yakutiye/Erzurum



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